Multicultural/Urban Education (T)

  • EDUC-T 515 Interprofessional Collaboration in Urban Schools (3 cr.) An interdisciplinary seminary for graduate students designed to prepare professionals to work collaboratively by engaging students in a critical analysis of contemporary issues using a variety of philosophical approaches and practice examples.  The seminar focuses on the development of Interprofessional Practitioners through the Schools of Education, Nursing, and Social Work.
  • EDUC-T 531 Organizational Change in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Schools (3 cr.) Organizational development in linguistically and culturally diverse school sites: legal basis; administrative strategies; staff development models; use of community resources; and formative evaluation techniques for organizational development in school contexts.
  • EDUC-T 550 Cultural/Community Forces and the Schools (3 cr.) Promotes modification of instructional strategies within diverse educational settings by providing opportunities to analyze community forces and cultures through cultural orientation workshops and seminars, culturally focused readings, direct residential participation in community-related activities, and site-based culture/strategies reports.
  • EDUC-T 590 Independent Study or Research in Urban Multicultural Education (1-3 cr.) Individual research or study with an Urban/Multicultural Education faculty member, arranged in advance of registration. A one or two page written proposal should be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the term specifying the scope of the project, project activities, meeting times, completion date, and student product(s). Ordinarily, T590 should not be sued for the study of material taught in a regularly scheduled course.

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