Organization of the School and Program Advisors

Bloomington Campus (Area Code 812)
Counseling and Educational Psychology Department Website
Ginette Delandshere, Chair Education 4038, 856-8347; e-mail
Counseling and Counselor Education (masters and specialist) Sue Whiston, Education 4014, 856-8305; e-mail
Counseling Psychology (doctoral) Y. Barry Chung, Education 4056, 856-8009; e-mail
Developmental Psychology (masters and doctoral) Anne Stright, Education 4058, 856-8318; e-mail
Educational Psychology (masters) Kylie Peppler, Education 4024, 856-8381, email
Educational Psychology (doctoral) David Estell, Education 4010, 856-8308; e-mail
Inquiry Methodology (masters and doctoral) Barbara Dennis, Education 4016, 856-8142; e-mail
Learning Science (masters) Kylie Peppler, Education 4024, 856-8381, e-mail
Learning Science (doctoral) Daniel T. Hickey, Eigenmann 506, 856-2344; e-mail
School Psychology (masters and doctoral) Thomas Huberty, Education 4062, 856-8332; e-mail
Jack Cummings, Education 4048, 856-8327; e-mail
Director of Center for Human Growth Lynn Gilman, Education 0032, 856-8348; e-mail
Director of Institute for Child Study Scott Bellini, Education 0026, 856-8325; e-mail

Curriculum and Instruction Department Website
Lara Lackey, Chair Education 3204, 856-8150; e-mail
Art Education (masters and doctoral) Marjorie Manifold, Education 3135, 856-8133; e-mail
Curriculum Studies Cary Buzzelli, Education 3204, 856-8184; e-mail
Early Childhood Education Cary Buzzelli, Education 3204, 856-8184; e-mail
Elementary Education Meredith Park-Rogers, Education 3072, 856-8168; e-mail
Elementary Certification Masters Program Lara Lackey, Education 3204, 856-8150; e-mail
Mary McMullen, Education 3206, 856-8393; e-mail
Mathematics Education (masters and doctoral) Enrique Galindo, Education 3109, 856-8185; e-mail
Science Education Valarie Akerson, Education 3070, 856-8140; e-mail
Secondary Education David J. Flinders, Education 3131, 856-8189; e-mail
Secondary Transition to Teaching  Ben Edmonds, Education 3258; 856-8162; e-mail
Social Studies Education (elementary and secondary) Keith Barton, Education 1000, 856-8058; e-mail
Special Education (masters) Gretchen Butera, Education 3211, 856-8153; e-mail
Special Education (doctoral) Erna Alant, Education 3238, 856-8055; e-mail

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department Website
Luise McCarty, Interim Chair Education 4236, 856-8385;  e-mail
Educational Foundations Bradley Levinson, Education 4250, 856-8359; e-mail
Educational Leadership Barbara Erwin, Education 4222, 856-8254, email
Educational Policy Margaret Sutton, Education 4254, 856-8368; e-mail
Higher Education (Doctoral) Victor Borden, Education 4274, 856-0855; e-mail
Higher Education and Student Affairs (Masters) Danielle DeSawal, Education 4272, 856-8382; e-mail
History and Philosophy of Education Andrea Walton, Education 4218, 856-8358; e-mail
History of Education (Doctoral) Dionne Danns, Education 4226, 856-8398, e-mail
International and Comparative Education Bradley Levinson, Education 4250, 856-8359; e-mail
Philosophy of Education Luise McCarty, Education 4236, 856-8385;  e-mail

Instructional Systems Technology Department Website
Thomas Brush, Chair Education 2276, 856-8458; e-mail
Adult Education Frank Di Silvestro, Education 2230, 855-6520; e-mail
Instructional Systems Technology Thomas Brush, Education 2276, 856-8458; e-mail

Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Department Website
James Damico, Chair Education 3038, 856-8267; e-mail
Content Literacy James Damico, Education 3038, 856-8267; e-mail
Elementary Literacy Donna Adomat, Education 3010, 856-8258; e-mail
English Education Mary Beth Hines, Education 3038, 856-8290; e-mail
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)/Second Language (ESL) Faridah Pawan, Education 3030, 856-8274; e-mail
World Languages/ENL Martha Nyikos, Education 3020, 856-8272; e-mail

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