Field Experience/Methods (M)

  • EDUC-M 500 Integrated Professional Seminar (0-6 cr.) This seminar if linked to courses and field experiences included in the Transition to Teaching (T2T) program. It will allow for collaboration among school-based mentors, university-based instructors and T2T candidates in offering academic content appropriate to the program. The seminar will provide a technology-rich and performance-based professional experience. This course has a fee attached.
  • EDUC-M 501 Laboratory/Field Experience (0-3 cr.) A laboratory /field experience in education for graduate students. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-M 502 Mathematics throughout the Secondary Curriculum (1-3 cr.) Students engage in making connections between the mathematical content of certain required mathematics courses and the teaching and learning of secondary school mathematics. Students analyze important "big ideas" in mathematics. Additionally, students prepare and collect lesson plans for use during student teaching and beyond.
  • EDUC-M 521 Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment (3 cr.) C: M469 and M303. Critical examination of standards and other influences on secondary mathematics programs. Critical examination of past and current secondary mathematics curricula, text materials, and other resources available to support and guide secondary mathematics programs. Development of knowledge and skills related to assessment tools and strategies.
  • EDUC-M 522 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School (3 cr.) C: M501. Development of knowledge and skills related to analysis and design of mathematics instruction in secondary school mathematics with attention to selection of appropriate mathematical tasks and tools and the development of classroom discourse communities. Students will be teaching lessons in the co-requisite field experience.
  • EDUC-M 550 Practicum (1-16 cr.) Teaching or experience in an accredited school, normally in Indiana. Credit will be commensurate with time spent in the instructional setting. S/F grading.
  • EDUC-M 580 Internship in Music (1-16 cr.) Full time supervised teaching in the area of Music for a minimum of ten weeks in an elementary or junior high/middle, or high school accredited by the State of Indiana or an equivalent approved school out-of-state. The experience is directed by a qualified supervising teacher and has university provided supervision. S/F grading.
  • EDUC-M 511 Field Experience/Professional Development Seminar (1-3 cr.) C: C: Q506. Laboratory or field experiences in middle or secondary school science classes. May be repeated.

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