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Graduate Business Programs

Pictured | Bhavik Pathak, Ph.D. | University of Connecticut, 2006 | Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs and Accreditation; and Associate Professor of Decision Sciences

Graduate Business Programs

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About the Graduate Business Programs

The Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics’ master’s degree programs prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Successful people know that to remain viable in the work place they must train for the future. Each graduate is better prepared to take leadership positions because of the knowledge, analytical, and critical thinking skills developed in the graduate business program.

The master’s degree programs cater to the part-time student; offering a wide variety of courses during the evening hours, making it possible for students to continue in their present position while attending classes after work. The programs help students polish and accentuate their existing business skills and develop new ones. A master’s degree can help students achieve career advancement in their current field or help prepare them for a new career in the business world.

Most domestic students already hold responsible business management positions. The majority of domestic business graduate students hold full-time jobs while pursuing their master’s degree. The typical candidate enters the program because either their present or future position requires increased managerial competence.

The faculty considers the candidate’s work experience an integral part of the total educational program and uses both theory and practice as tools to build a broad foundation to enhance the skills of the professional manager. While there is some opportunity for specialization, the graduate business program emphasizes development of the candidate’s breadth of focus, imagination, and creativity. By selecting students who demonstrate a potential for assuming increasing responsibilities as managers, and by providing a degree that meets the highest national standards of accreditation, the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics serves the needs of regional employers that compete in an international marketplace.

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