Undergraduate Studies

General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

Specific Limitations for All Undergraduate Degrees
  • Courses taken on the Pass/Fail option can be applied only as electives in meeting degree requirements.
  • No more than 64 credit hours earned in accredited junior colleges may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • Course work for a degree must usually be completed within 10 years following the time the student first registers in the university. Students returning for a second undergraduate degree or after an extended absence will usually be governed by the requirements stated in the Bulletin in effect when they re-enroll. Exceptions may be granted by the appropriate school or division dean in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.
  • Degree candidates must have all course credit hours (except for the credit hours for the current semester) on record at least six weeks before the degree is conferred.
  • Students must file their application for a degree in the school or division office at least one month prior to the graduation date. However, for May and August candidates to be included in the Commencement program, degree applications must be filed before March 1.

Academic Bulletins

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