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The Honors Program invites applications from intellectually curious and motivated students.  Our courses are designed to challenge, but not overwhelm, students with subjects and activities that derive from a variety of disciplines.  The social, conference, and service activities of the Honors Program, like our courses, encourage students to develop their academic and personal strengths, while also venturing into new territories.  Some students hesitate to apply to the Honors Program because they have some sense that Honors students must be "perfect".  None of our students (or staff members, or faculty members) are perfect.  All are human and fallible; but all are also willing to challenge themselves, to discuss important and exciting subjects with other people, and to become the campus experts on subjects of their choosing, under the mentorship of faculty members and other colleagues.

Honors courses explore important topics in depth, through a multi-disciplinary approach.  The pace of the courses, and the level and quality of work expected of students requires that participants be self-motivated, and that they exercise good time-management skills; however, the small size of each Honors class (fewer than 15 students per section) insures group discussion, interaction with the instructor, and focused guidance and support of each student's academic goals.

In addition to taking Honors classes, members of the Honors Program participate in various co-curricular activities, including group projects, attending cultural events, and participating in the Upper Mideast Honors Conference, which occurs each spring semester.

For more information, please contact the Honors Program at iushp@ius.edu. The Honors Program telephone number is (812) 941-2196.

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