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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Indiana University's O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs helps students prepare for careers that change the world.

As an O'Neill student, you learn how people in public, private, and nonprofit organizations work together. You get a versatile degree that can lead to jobs and careers in public service, business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

At O'Neill, a better world starts with you.


For more information about the above majors visit the O'Neill website or O'Neill Student Portal.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (B.S.C.J.) may major in Criminal Justice or Public Safety Management. Criminal Justice students learn to protect communities and their citizens.

  • Students majors in Criminal Justice study law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections and national security.
  • Students who major in Public Safety Management focus on large-scale disaster preparedness, homeland security and delivery of lifesaving services including firefighting, emergency medical services and disaster recovery.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (B.S.P.A.) may major in Management and Civic Leadership, Management, Public Policy, or Sustainability Practice and Policy. Public Affairs students study and analyze  policies, and learn how to manage government and nonprofit organizations.

  • A Management and Civic Leadership major teaches how public agencies, private organizations, and nonprofit organizations operate. This approach helps graduates move seamlessly between business, nonprofit and government management roles.
  • A Public Policy major prepares students to analyze and assess existing and proposed laws. This major emphasizes critical thinking skills. Graduates often go on to law school, or directly into positions in government or government relations. They also work in organizations focused on specific social or policy concerns.
  • A Sustainability Practices and Policy major gives students  a solid understanding of public affairs, finance, policy-making and civic engagement, combined with specialized classes in the principles of sustainability, environmental justice and green technologies. Graduates of the program will find employment in the growing field of sustainability by assuming community and government roles, working for environmental nonprofit groups, owning or managing “green” businesses, and conducting research and legislative analysis. This major is also an excellent choice for a pre-law student.