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Bachelor of Fine Art Degree Programs

Ceramics, Furniture Design, Drawing & Illustration, Integrative Studio Practice, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Visual Communication Design

General Academic Requirements

Students in Herron BFA degree programs must successfully complete a program of general academic courses, as well as more concentrated studies within their specialties, to earn their degrees. Students are required to have 12-15 credit hours of art history and theory, and 30 credit hours of general education courses divided into the broad domains of foundational intellectual skills (Core Communication, Analytical Reasoning, and Cultural Understanding) and course work that promotes intellectual breadth and adaptiveness (Life and Physical Sciences; and Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences). This general education course work is aligned with the Indiana Statewide Transferable General Education Core competency domains and once completed, will subsequently transfer to another Indiana state educational institution.

Distribution of credits is as follows:

Foundational Intellectual Skills
Students must take 15 credit hours related to Foundational Intellectual Skills. This includes 6 credits related to Core Communication skills, 6 credits in Analytical Reasoning, and 3 credits related to Cultural Understanding.

  • Core Communication (Principle of Undergraduate Learning 1): 6 credits
  • Analytical Reasoning (Principles of Undergraduate Learning 1 and 2): 6 credits
  • Cultural Understanding (Principle of Undergraduate Learning 6): 3 credits

Intellectual Breadth and Adaptiveness
Courses pertaining to Intellectual Breadth and Adaptiveness help to foster the "ways of knowing" that are characteristic of particular fields ranging from science and the social sciences through humanities and arts. This includes 6 credits in the Life and Physical Sciences, and 9 credits distributed across the Arts/Humanities and the Social Sciences.

  • Life and Physical Sciences (Principle of Undergraduate Learning 4): 6 credits
  • Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences (Principle of Undergraduate Learning 4): 9 credits total, with at least 3 credits in each area
Academic Electives

An additional 6 credits must be taken from one or more of the following subject areas: humanities; life and physical sciences; social and behavioral science. Art history may not be used to satisfy this academic elective requirement. Total: 6 credits

BFA First-Year Foundation Program

The Foundation Program serves as a base for future work at Herron. In the Foundation Program, students develop drawing skills, powers of observation, an understanding of visual principles, and a working knowledge of materials and techniques, while becoming more knowledgeable about art history. The program is constructed so that students, through self-examination and faculty counseling, will be able to select intelligently the area in which they will major when the Foundation Program has been completed. Much of the success of Herron programs has been due to the comprehensive strength of the Foundation Program and the basic preparation that it provides.

The Foundation Program, or its equivalent in previously earned credit (as determined by the Admissions Committee), is a prerequisite for work in the fine arts and education degree programs.

Foundation Program Curriculum

Semester I Credits
  • HER-D 101 Drawing I (3 cr.)
  • HER-F 121 Two-Dimensional Design (3 cr.)
  • HER-F 123 Three-Dimensional Design (3 cr.)
  • HER-X 101 Foundation Resources Workshop (1 cr.) 

Recommended: Art History 101 History of Art I (3 cr.)

Semester II Credits
  • HER-D 102 Drawing II (3 cr.)
  • HER-F 130 Studio Art & Technology (3cr.)
  • HER-F 131 Image 4D Studio (2 cr.)
  • HER-F 132 Building/Making (2cr.)

Recommended: Art History 102 History of Art II (3 cr.)

BFA Degree Programs
  • Ceramics
  • Furniture Design
  • Drawing & Illustration
  • Integrative Studio Practice
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Visual Communication Design

Last update: March 2022