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The BFA in Ceramics is a professional undergraduate degree for students desiring extensive studio experience with an emphasis in Ceramics. Students in the program develop critical thinking skills, refine their intellectual and creative processes, and learn both traditional and contemporary aspects of the ceramist's craft.

The Ceramics curriculum develops an understanding of ceramics as an expressive artistic medium in contemporary society. The study of ceramic materials and techniques is balanced with the study of historical tradition and contemporary trends. The ceramic studio is well equipped so that students experience the variety of technologies used by contemporary artists. The program provides a solid foundation for students pursuing graduate studies or a studio art career.

For the most current curriculum, please see the Herron website. For the recommended four-year plan of study, please refer to the IUPUI degree map. The BFA degree requirements meet the standards established by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design for professional undergraduate degrees in the Fine Arts.

Degree requirements

General Education

30 credits corresponding to IUPUI's Statewide Transferrable General Education Core.

Foundation Studies

20 credits

Art History, Theory, and Criticism 

credits distributed as follows:

•  HER-H101 History of Art I (3 cr.) (may be used to fill Arts/Humanities General Education requirement)

•  HER-H102 History of Art 2 (3 cr.) (may be used to fill Arts/Humanities General Education requirement)

•  HER-H205 Introduction to Contemporary Art (3 cr.)

•  HER-HXXX Art History electives (6 cr.)

Professional and career preparation

HER-X201  Professional Practice in Visual Arts I

HER-X301  Professional Practice in Visual Arts II

Major Studio Requirements:

  • HER-C204 Ceramics Hand Building (3 cr.)
  • HER-C206 Ceramics Wheel Throwing (3 cr.)
  • HER-C304 Ceramics III (3 cr)
  • HER-C305 Ceramics IV (3 cr.)
  • HER-C307 Clay and Glaze (3 cr.)
  • HER-C308 Wheel Throwing II (3 cr.)
  • HER-C400 Ceramics V (6 cr.)
  • HER-C405 Ceramics VI (6 cr.)


Studio Art Electives

27 credits, of which 3 must be N208 Integrative Studio Lab: Rotating Topics (3 cr.)

Non-Studio requirements

6 credits

•    Academic elective (3 cr.)

•    ENG-L 105 or L115 English Literature (3 cr.) Total: 125 credits

Last update:  April 2021