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Bachelor of Art Education

Students who wish to become certified to teach in public schools may pursue either a Bachelor of Art Education or certification within the Master of Art Education at Herron. Herron School of Art and Design's Art Education Program is offered in conjunction with the School of Education and the Indiana Department of Education. These bodies have established certain academic requirements for earning a degree and/or licensure in Art Education in all grades (P-12) in Indiana.

The Bachelor of Art Education Program leads to certification (teaching license) in Art Education in all grades (P-12) in the state of Indiana. The program features a commitment to practical experience integrated with a strong studio program. Throughout the program, students increase skill and knowledge in the content of art education today, including art inquiry, critical and contextual inquiry, visual literacy, studio practice, and teaching methodology. Students gain experience by teaching school-age students in a variety of programs and settings and, including student teaching. In addition, students observe and participate in art programs and events citywide.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at Herron School of Art and Design may also pursue an All-Grade Indiana State Teachers License in Art (See Dual Degree, BAE and BFA). Students wishing to pursue certification need to declare an art education major  and follow the requirements for this degree as well as the BFA. Students should meet regularly with advisors from both major areas to ensure efficient completion of both degrees.

Curriculum Requirements for the BAE Degree

Accreditation of teacher education units are met through the Division of Professional Standards within the Indiana Department of Education.

Academic Requirements

Art Education majors must fulfill the IUPUI general education requirements corresponding the IUPUI's Statewide Transferrable General Education Core:

Foundational Intellectual Skills

  • Analytical Reasoning  (6 cr. of which 3 must be Quantitative Reasoning)
  • Core Communication (6 cr.)
  • Cultural Understanding (3 cr.) 

Intellectual Breadth and Adaptiveness

  • Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences (9 cr. total, with at least 3 cr. in each area)
  • Life and Physical Sciences  (6 cr.)
Art History: 12 cr.
  • HER-H 101 (may also count toward General Education arts/humanities requirement)
  • HER-H 102 (may also count toward General Education arts/humanities requirement)
  • HER-H 205
  • 3 additional Art History credit hours

Humanities: 3 cr.

From the following group:

  • Communication Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • English
  • Folklore
  • Foreign Language
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
Life and Physical Sciences: 3 cr.

Three credits beyond those in the Gen Ed core chosen from the following group (a minimum of 3 cr. in biology is required):

  • Anatomy
  • Astronomy
  • Biology (Required)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Physical Geography
  • Physiology
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 cr. total, including those in the General Education Core:

From the following group:

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Economics
  • History
  • Nonphysical Geography
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Social Work
Professional Education: 26 cr.

The following education courses are required in order to fulfill requirements of the Indiana Professional Standards Board:

          Block One

  • EDUC-M322/M301 Diversity and Learning (10 cr.)

          Block Two

  • EDUC-M420/M 469/M 303 Literacy in Middle School (7 cr.)

          Block Four
  • EDUC-M482 Student Teaching: All Grades (14 cr.) (8 weeks in elementary/8 weeks in secondary.)

Art Education: 11 cr.

The following required courses must be taken in the proper block sequence:

  •  M220 Art Education and Media of the 21st Century  
           Block One
  •  HER-M371 Foundations of Art Education (4 cr.)
           Block Two
  •  HER-M472/M400 Teaching Art in Elementary Schools (3 cr.) and Lab/Field experience
           Block Three
  •  HER-M473/M401Teaching Art in Secondary Schools (3 cr.) and Lab/Field experience

           Block Four

  •  HER-M482 Seminar in student teaching  (1 cr.)

  Studio (47 cr.) including:

  • Foundation-Year Program 20
  • HER-M 311: Art Education Studio (3 cr.)
  • Her-D 201-D 202: Drawing II and IV (6 cr.)
  • Three-dimensional studio
  • Ceramics, furniture design, sculpture (6 cr.)
  • Herron studio course 300/400 level (6 cr.)
  • Herron studio electives (6 cr.)

*These courses must be taken with a grade of C or higher. Failure to pass these courses will prohibit student from further study in the Art Education Program. Please see your academic advisor before registering for classes.

A minimum total of 125 credit hours is required. Students may exceed this amount depending on courses selected. Please see an Art Education advisor before registering for classes. All Art Education students must maintain a grade point average of 2.8.

Last updated: April 2021