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Department of Operations

The Operations Department is responsible for the Supply Chain Management major. Over the years, the Operations Department has maintained a tradition of excellence that continues to evolve as the dynamic field of operations management continues to advance.

Supply Chain Management

Many of today’s most admired businesses—companies like FEDEX, Toyota, and Wal-Mart—dominate the competition using supply chains as competitive weapons. Supply chain management includes all the activities involved in planning, sourcing, making, and delivering goods and services between suppliers, manufacturers, intermediaries, and customers.

Its major areas of study revolve around products, information, and cash flows between supply chain partners as well as balancing supply and demand, managing supplier and customer relations, improving processes, fulfilling orders, developing logistics and transportation networks, and controlling returns.

Our curriculum not only provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully launch a career in supply chain management, but also prepares graduates for advancement in terms of promotion and responsibilities. While some students concentrate on supply chain management, many others combine it with their interests in finance, marketing, information technologies, entrepreneurship, accounting, and international business as part of a double major. In most of today’s fast-paced, complex, and increasingly global businesses, a fundamental understanding of supply chain management is often crucial to success.

Major Requirements

Junior and Senior Years
  • Required Courses (12 cr):
    • BUS-P 320, BUS-P 421, BUS-P 429, and BUS-P 431 (formally BUS-M 412), 
  • Electives- Select three (9 cr):
    • BUS-D 301
    • BUS-A 310 or BUS-A 311
    • BUS-A 325
    • BUS-A 337
    • BUS-A 460
    • BUS-F 305
    • BUS-F 494
    • BUS-M 303
    • BUS-M 346
    • BUS-M 401
    • BUS-M 402
    • BUS-M 407
    • BUS-M 419
    • BUS-P 330
    • BUS-P 455
    • BUS-W 311
    • BUS-W 406
    • BUS-X 480
    • BUS-Z 404

Updated 5/19