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Department of Finance

The finance undergraduate curriculum provides a high degree of flexibility while offering the basic preparation needed to deal with the complexities of the modern financial environment.

All students in the major must take a common core of three courses: BUS-A 310, BUS-F 303, and BUS-F 305. These three courses provide a basic grounding in financial accounting systems, the capital and money markets, and corporate financial decision making. An understanding of these areas is necessary for someone who is planning a career in finance.

Finance Major

The undergraduate curriculum in this major is designed to provide familiarity with the instruments and institutions of finance and with a financial approach for structuring and analyzing management decisions.

Course offerings are designed to integrate various aspects of the environment—such as the state of the economy, taxes, and legal considerations—into the decision-making process.

Study in finance, along with appropriate electives, provides academic preparation for careers in corporate financial management; commercial banking, savings and credit institutions; investment analysis; and the selling of financial instruments and services.

Candidates are encouraged to select electives in accordance with career objectives.

Major Requirements

Junior and Senior Years
  1. Finance core requirements:
    • BUS-A 310
    • BUS-F 303
    • BUS-F 305
  2. Select two of the following:
    • BUS-F 402
    • BUS-F 420
    • BUS-F 446
    • BUS-F 494
  3. Select three of the following:
    • BUS-A 312
    • BUS-A 325
    • BUS-A 328
    • BUS-R 305
    • BUS-R 440
    • BUS-R 443
    • ECON-E 305
    • ECON-E 470
    • May also choose from the following courses but cannot use courses chosen for B: to count for C:
      • BUS-F 402
      • BUS-F 420
      • BUS-F 446
      • BUS-F 494

NOTE: Double majors in finance and accounting must take BUS-A 311 in lieu of BUS-A 310.

Updated 5/19