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Undergraduate Policies

Academic Regulations and Scholastic Standards

Under the General Scholarship Rule, any student who does not possess the necessary preliminary training or who lacks other qualifications may be required by the Kelley Office of Academic and Professional Development to enroll in courses as the committee may designate or to take other corrective action as is necessary or desirable. The committee may review a student's record at any time and may take whatever action seems necessary for the student's best interest or for the best interest of the school.

Upon the recommendation of the appropriate school committee and with the approval of the dean of the Kelley School of Business, any student whose work is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is unethical may be dismissed from the Kelley School of Business.

Academic Misconduct

Indiana University and the Kelley School of Business expect that students will follow the fundamental principles of academic integrity in the pursuit of learning. Academic integrity requires that students take credit only for their own work and ideas. Violation of these principles is considered an act of academic misconduct.

The Kelley School of Business strictly follows the guidelines listed in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and the Kelley School of Business Honor Code. In addition, the school's policy regarding the appropriate penalty for any degree of academic misconduct permits the removal of the student from the course involved, with a grade of F.

Academic Standing

Those students who consistently maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher in their cumulative records are considered to be in good standing.

Auditing Courses

Students are not permitted to audit undergraduate business courses or M.B.A. courses. See the Master of Science in Accounting program chair for the current policy regarding audit of M.S.A. classes.

Columbus Students Transferring to IUPUI

Students who matriculate to Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) and who wish to earn a Kelley School of Business Bachelor of Science in the Business degree must meet senior residency requirements and complete the last 30 credit hours and half of the major courses on the IUPUI campus. Students cannot take any of the final course work in Columbus to receive the Kelley School of Business degree. The eight-year statute of limitations (see "Graduation Requirements") mandates that students complete their degree requirements within eight years in order to earn a Kelley degree. IUPUC students who wish to earn a Kelley degree must apply for admission to the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis by the stated deadlines and meet all Indianapolis program requirements. Students must also apply to graduate from the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis.

Integrative Core Prerequisites

The prerequisites for the Integrative Core are strictly enforced: a total of 60 credit hours or more of college-level work; the following courses with a grade of C or higher:

  • BUS-K 201
    • K201 or any equivalent course is only good for five years before a student is admitted to Kelley
  • BUS-X 100
  • BUS-X 103 or BUS-X 203
  • BUS-X 204
  • COMM-R 110
  • ENG-W 131
  • BUS-X 220
  • BUS-A 100
  • BUS-A 201
  • BUS-A 202
  • BUS-L 203
  • ECON-E 201
  • ECON-E 202
  • ECON-E 270
  • MATH-M 118
  • MATH-M 119

Option 1 admission or Direct Admission to the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis does not guarantee admission into the Integrative Core.

Maximum Semester Credit-Hour Load

A typical academic load for full-time students is 15 credit hours. A student expecting to carry more than 18 credit hours during a regular semester or more than 9 credit hours in a summer session should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or have earned a 3.0 (B) grade point average in the previous full semester. Note: Summer is not considered for this purpose.

Military-Related Credit

Both Army and Air Force ROTC programs are available at Indianapolis. Completion of either program leads to a commission as a second lieutenant. Programs are available to both men and women. Courses are pursued in conjunction with an academic curriculum and receive academic credit as electives.

Placement credit is available to veterans and students with high school ROTC backgrounds. Veterans of military service are also eligible for academic credit as a result of their military training and experience. The Kelley School of Business follows the provisions of the "Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services" issued by the American Council on Education (ACE) in granting credit. Credit in business subjects is evaluated as "undistributed" and is subject to oral or written examination for specific equivalency. Credit hours may be limited by university policy.

Physical Education Courses

Students may elect a maximum of 4 credits of elective physical education courses (HPER-E courses). Physical education courses carry regular credit, count toward minimum degree requirements, and are included in the cumulative grade point average.

Probation, Dismissal, and Readmission

1. Students whose Indiana University cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below a
2.0 will be placed on probation. Students will be informed of the probationary status by
2. Students may be continued on probation when the semester GPA is at least a 2.0 but the
Indiana University's cumulative GPA is below 2.0.
3. Students will be removed from probationary status once the Indiana University
cumulative GPA is at least 2.0.
1. Students on probation at IUPUI will be dismissed if they fail to attain a semester GPA of
at least 2.0 in any two consecutive semesters (fall and spring) and the Indiana University
cumulative GPA is below 2.0.
2. Students who are dismissed for the first time cannot enroll until one regular (fall or spring)
the semester has elapsed since dismissal and must petition by the established deadlines to be
3. Students dismissed two or more times must remain out of school for the next two
consecutive regular (fall and spring)semesters and petition by the established deadlines to
be reinstated.
1. Reinstatement will be the decision of the academic unit to which the students are
2. Students who are reinstated will be classified as probationary students until Indiana
University cumulative GPA is at least 2.0. During the first regularly enrolled term on
probation, the student must achieve a semester GPA of at least 2.3. In each subsequent
semester on probation, the student must achieve a semester GPA of at least 2.0. Failure to
meet the semester GPA requirement while on probation will result in dismissal

Upper-Level Business Courses

Kelley School of Business students must have senior standing and have completed the Integrative Core to enroll in 400-level business courses. Enrollment in business courses numbered 301-499 is limited to the following:
1. Kelley School of Business students.
2. Non-business students who are registered for the minor in business.
3. Non-business students who are registered for degree programs requiring specific business courses. Such programs include engineering, health administration, journalism, and telecommunications. (Enrollment will be permitted only in the required business courses using this priority category.)
4. Other students with specific permission of the department offering the course. Departments may choose to declare certain courses "open enrollment" courses.
5. Graduate continuing non-degree students may take upper-level business courses with permission.

Unless students are registered in an official program, as identified in items (2) and (3) above, a maximum of 12 credit hours of upper-level business courses may be taken. In addition, for students enrolled in these specific programs, upper-level business courses may comprise no more than 25 percent of their programs.

To enroll in an upper-level business course (301 or higher), a non-business student must meet course prerequisites and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

Credit Earned Externally or Transferred to IU

CLEP and DANTES Credit

The Kelley School of Business does not accept CLEP or DANTES credit for business courses; however, the school will accept CLEP or DANTES credit awarded by other IUPUI academic units for non-business courses.

Credit for Independent Study by Correspondence

The Kelley School of Business accepts a maximum of two courses (6 credit hours) taken by correspondence to satisfy degree requirements. However, because of their basic importance in the degree program, the following courses or their equivalents may not be taken by correspondence to satisfy admission or degree requirements:

  • Business or economics courses;
  • Prerequisites (for both business and non-business courses);
  • Courses required for a major (for both business and non-business courses).

Any exceptions to the above policy must have the written approval of the director of undergraduate programs, Indianapolis. Note: Correspondence courses cannot be taken during the last 30 credit hours of study without petitioning for a waiver of senior residency.

Credit for Self-Acquired Competency

The Kelley School of Business does not award credit on the basis of self-acquired competency (for example, work experience). However, the school will give waiver examinations for specific courses when the chair of the department offering the course feels a student's experience gives that student a reasonable chance of passing the examination. To be eligible to take a waiver examination, the student must be regularly registered at IUPUI.

The school will not accept the transfer of credit from other institutions for business courses if the credit was awarded on the basis of self-acquired competency.

For non-business courses, the school will accept course-specific credit awarded on the basis of self-acquired competency by other baccalaureate-granting divisions/schools of Indiana University and by other institutions accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges or comparable regional associations.

The school will not accept general (non-course-specific) self-acquired competency credit awarded by other divisions or schools of Indiana University or by other institutions.

Retaking a Kelley Course

A student can only take a Kelley course three times for a grade unless the student submits a petition to take the course more than three times.

Transfer of Credit

1. Transfer of Credit from Other Colleges and Universities

Acceptance of credit from other institutions, including Purdue University, will be determined by the IUPUI Office of Admissions. The applicability of credit toward degree requirements in the Kelley School of Business will be determined by the school. Credits in business courses at the lower-division level (100- and 200-level courses) that are accepted for transfer are usually accepted for specific course equivalency.

Courses in upper-division business subjects (300- and 400-level courses) may be accepted for specific equivalency if the course work is taken in the junior or senior year at a four-year institution that is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). If the institution is not so accredited, credit in upper-division courses accepted for transfer will be accepted as "undistributed" credit, subject to further examination for equivalency.

Upper-division business courses taken in the freshman or sophomore year at four-year institutions may be accepted as "undistributed" credit, subject to further examinations for specific equivalency.

Upper-division business courses taken at two-year institutions may be accepted as "undistributed" credit that will count only as business electives. No more than 90 credit hours may be accepted for transfer from a four-year institution. Course grades from other institutions are not transferred; only credit hours earned in a course are recorded. Evaluation of credit is completed after a student is admitted to the university.

2. Transfer of Credit from Junior and Community Colleges

No more than 64 credit hours earned at junior or community colleges may be applied to an Indiana University Kelley School of Business degree.

3. Transfer of Credit from Other Indiana University Campuses

Four-year degree programs in certain major areas may be completed at Indiana University East, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana University Kokomo, Indiana University Northwest, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana University Southeast, and Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, as well as at the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Admission and degree requirements will vary among campuses.

Students wishing to transfer to the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis are required to meet the same admission requirements to the school as do all other students, both internal and external, at the Indianapolis campus. Students who expect to graduate from the IU Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis must complete the last 30 credit hours of the degree program and one-half of their major requirements at the Indianapolis campus and complete an application to the school.

Kelley Indianapolis students must take Integrative Core (I-CORE) on the Indianapolis campus. I-CORE credit from another campus will not be accepted.

Grading System

Incomplete Courses

A temporary grade of Incomplete (I) on the transcript indicates that the work completed is satisfactory but that the entire course has not been completed. A grade of I may be assigned only if the student is not in attendance during the last 25 percent of a semester or summer session and the instructor has reason to believe that the absence was beyond the student's control. Otherwise, the instructor shall assign a grade of F.

It is the instructor's responsibility to specify the work to be done to remove the Incomplete as well as the period of time allowed for completion. However, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor to verify that all requirements have been completed. If the Incomplete is not removed within one calendar year of the date of the recording of the Incomplete grade, the registrar will automatically change the I to an F grade. The instructor may, however, require the Incomplete to be removed after a period that is less than one year. Upon satisfactory completion of the work within the time allowed, the Incomplete will be removed and the earned grade recorded. In special circumstances, the dean may authorize that a grade of I be changed to a grade of W (Withdraw).

Students do not reenroll in a course in which they have a grade of I.

Pass/Fail Option

Business students may elect to take 3 credit hours each semester with a grade of P (Pass) or F (Fail), with a maximum of 6 credit hours each school year, including summer sessions. The election of this option must be exercised by the student within the first three weeks of the semester or equivalent time period in a summer session. Limitations on use of the Pass/Fail option are as follows: Kelley School of Business students may not take any business course Pass/Fail; and the Pass/Fail option cannot be used for courses that satisfy the general education requirement or any course that would fulfill a major requirement. In short, the option can be used only for courses that are pure electives taken outside the Kelley School of Business. A grade of P is not counted in the cumulative grade point average, but a grade of F is included. A grade of P cannot be changed subsequently to a grade of A, B, C, or D.


A grade of W (Withdraw) is given automatically on the date of withdrawal to a student who withdraws during the first seven weeks of a regular semester or during the first three weeks of a summer session.

(https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/register/drop-add/late-drop-add.htmlAfter the automatic withdrawal period, a student may withdraw only with the permission of his or her dean. This approval is given only for urgent reasons relating to extended illness or equivalent distress. To qualify for the grade of W, a student must be passing the course on the date of withdrawal. If the student is failing, the grade recorded on the date of withdrawal will be F. Poor performance in a course is not considered grounds for a late withdrawal. No withdrawal forms will be processed in the Office of the Registrar after the last day of classes for the term/session. Any requests for late withdrawal after the last day of classes must go through the grade appeal process.”

Extenuating circumstances can include:

  • medical condition/ hospital stay/ accident
  • incarceration
  • psychological/emotional issues
  • learning disability (newly diagnosed)
  • death of family or close friend
  • issues with a class/faculty (well documented)
  • eviction/ homelessness
  • other major life events that severely impacts the student

The student is advised to continue attending the class(es) as the withdrawal request may not be approved. The student must consider that a withdrawal from a course may impact other aspects of their student status (i.e., financial aid, enrollment requirements for international students or student-athletes, expected graduation term, etc.).  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the appropriate office on campus regarding any other issues that may arise as the result of a late withdrawal from a course.

Grade Appeals

If a student feels their grade should be changed (either from an F to a W or if they feel the grade they received should be higher than what was given), they should first contact the professor of that course and discuss the grade change with him or her.  If the faculty member will not change the grade, the student can fill out a change of grade petition which can be accessed online at https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/doc/grades-progress/change-grade-petition.pdfPlease note that the Kelley School of Business requires that requests to change a grade from an F to a W must be submitted and processed within one year from when the course is completed. 

 All grade change petitions should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar (Campus Center (CE) Room 250).    

Once the Kelley School of Business receives the petition for any business courses, a copy will be sent to the faculty member who taught the course along with a memo from the Undergraduate Program Office asking for any information concerning the student (grades in the course, attendance, etc.).  Once the faculty returns this information to the Undergraduate Program Office, the petitions committee will review the petition and make a decision.  If the petition is approved, a change of grade form will be sent to the Office of the Registrar where it will take 1-2 weeks to process the grade change.  If the petition is denied, a letter will be sent to the student explaining why the petition was denied. 

If the petition is denied and the student wishes to pursue the matter further, the student should speak with the Kelley Ombudsman for help on how to proceed. 

Graduation Requirements

Though the school makes every attempt to provide students with ample advising and counseling help, students in the Kelley School of Business are responsible for planning their own programs and for meeting degree requirements. It is the student's responsibility to understand fully and comply with all the provisions of this bulletin. Requests for deviation from department, program, or school requirements may be petitioned in writing through the Kelley Office of Academic and Professional Development in BS 2010. Such petitions will be reviewed by the Petitions Committee and granted only in consultation with the respective chair, director, or dean, or their respective administrative representatives.

Credit Deadline

All course work except work from the current semester must be completed and recorded on the degree candidate's Indiana University transcript at least one month prior to the date of graduation.

Credit Hours and GPA Requirements

A minimum of 120 credit hours of college-level work must be successfully completed in courses meeting the various requirements stated in this bulletin to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business degree. Of this number, at least 48 credit hours must be in business and economics courses and at least 52 credit hours (43 credit hours for Accounting majors) must be in courses other than business and economics. For special rules concerning the accounting major, see "Departments and Majors" in this bulletin. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C) is required for graduation. In addition, for students admitted or readmitted in the fall of 2002 or later, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C) in business and economics courses not counted toward general education, and a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C) in their major requirements to graduate from the Kelley School of Business. Students with outstanding cumulative GPAs may graduate with honors. (See "Academic Distinction" in the "Special Opportunities" section.)

Senior Residence Requirement

Students who expect to receive the B.S. in Business degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Indianapolis must complete all 300/400 business courses on the Indianapolis campus or during a preapproved overseas study program. (For extenuating circumstances you must petition and receive preapproval from the director of academic programs, BS 2010, 801 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5151; phone (317) 274-2147.)

Degree Applications

Candidates for the B.S. in the Business degree must file an Intent to Graduate form found here. Application deadlines are May 15 for December graduation, October 15 for May graduation, and January 15 for August graduation. Kelley School of Business transcripts may reflect from one to three majors and zero to two minors. Majors and minors do not show on the diploma.

Statute of Limitations

Candidates for the B.S. in Business degree have the right to complete the degree requirements specified by the bulletin in effect at the time they were admitted or readmitted to Indiana University, as long as the required courses are available and no more than eight calendar years have elapsed since the date of admission or readmission and providing the student has not had an interruption in enrollment of two years or more. In the event that the required courses are not available or more than eight years have elapsed, students are required to meet the degree requirements currently in effect. Students who are unclear about this requirement should see a Kelley School of Business advisor.

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