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Criteria Used for Selection of Class
For admission, students need a high school diploma (or equivalent), completion of required prerequisite courses, access to a qualified training laboratory, and completion of all application requirements. Laboratory training sites are located nationwide and change based on the student and/or laboratories need. Students typically are employed at the training site however, the training site may take non-employed students. A limited number of clinical sites for the program are located within the Indianapolis area for local non-employed students.

The Histotechnology Program is designed to reach students in all parts of the nation. However, preference for admissions is ranked as follows: (1) students in laboratories with multiple noncertified students; (2) students in laboratories with one noncertified student. Other applicants will be admitted as class capacity allows.

Class Size Enrollment in the certificate program is not limited; therefore, most qualified applicants are admitted. In the event, however, that enrollment exceeds program resources, applicants who are residents of Indiana are given preference for admission before out-of-state applicants.

Affiliate sites may accommodate more than one student, depending on the laboratory's capacity for training, or the training facility may accommodate students from additional local sites for web-conferences. Average class size is 54 students.

Specific Requirements  In addition to the Health Professions Programs admission policies and procedures found at the beginning of this section of the bulletin, the admission policies below apply to the Histotechnology Program.

Application Deadline  Fall Cohort - May 31 of the year of anticipated entry.  Spring Cohort - November 1 of the year of anticipated entry.

Minimum Academic Requirements  High school graduation or equivalent. A minimum of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in required prerequisite courses is required for admission and must be maintained in professional courses.  Prerequisites are shown in the Certificate Program’s Curriculum section.

Technical Standards  See Health Professions Programs technical standards.

Students who are not employed at a qualifying lab must also meet the following entry requirements:

Medical Requirements  All entering students must meet established health requirements. Before beginning the professional program, students are required to demonstrate proof of immunization for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, rubella (German measles), rubeola (measles), mumps, varicella (chicken pox), and hepatitis B. All students must have a PPD tuberculin skin test within the last three months. In some instances proof of positive titer can be substituted. Students may be required to complete a physical examination (see program specific requirements). Full details for entering students can be found at http://medicine.iu.edu/hpp/admitted/. Additional immunizations may be required at certain clinical sites. Students assigned to those sites must complete additional requirements prior to starting that clinical rotation.

Student Health Insurance  All students are required to show proof of coverage under a health insurance plan. This is consistent with requirements for other health science students on the IUPUI campus.

Background Check and Drug Screen All students are required to submit to a comprehensive background check and drug screen upon notification of admission.  A Social Security number is required to finalize an applicant's background check and allows a student access to hospitals that serve as the School's clinical partners.  Further information about the requirement and cost is included in the letter of admission.

NOTE: Medical requirements (immunizations/health screen), student health insurance, background check and drug screen must all be completed by June 1st in the year of entry.

Volunteer Experience  Although volunteer experience is not required of applicants, it is highly recommended that students with no histology laboratory experience spend time in a histology laboratory to assure serious interest before proceeding with application to the program.

Updated: November 18, 2015