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Undergraduate Research Program

IUPUI has established an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) to encourage and recognize undergraduates who participate in research projects with faculty in the school.

Undergraduate research students may receive the transcript notation on their academic transcript concurrent with the awarding of the degree by fulfilling a set of requirements listed below. Such a transcript notation provides obvious evidence of a student’s participation in independent laboratory and scholarly and research other creative work. The notation will certify and spotlight research proficiency or successful completion of some other creative activity.

UROP has established a program of requirements that must be fulfilled to qualify for transcript notation. The requirements are:

  1. Students must register for and complete five credits of formal research in their departments or units. Students whose departments have no independent research credit may use the Honors Course HON-H399. The definition of research credit will be left up to the student’s department or unit, but should conform to the general definition of research and consist substantially of an independent project by the student.
  2. Students must prepare a substantial written product from the research. This could include a senior thesis or journal publication. Other appropriate activities to the discipline may be substituted for this, for example, an art exhibit or other performance. Substitutions must receive prior approval from the UROP Director.
  3. Students must attend an outside professional meeting in a discipline at the state, regional, or national level. Attendance at other professional events will be considered as appropriate to the discipline. The student’s faculty mentor will certify attendance. Students will be encouraged to present their work at a professional meeting or other event.
  4. Students must participate in at least one annual UROP symposium. Students must present at least one oral paper to receive transcript notation. If appropriate to research and creative activity in the discipline, other types of presentations may be acceptable at the discretion of the UROP Director and with the recommendation the student’s faculty mentor.
  5. Students must prepare a Research Portfolio, which may be in an electronic form. The Research Portfolio is prepared with the student’s faculty mentor and must be submitted four weeks prior to the student’s anticipated graduation date. Information about preparing a research portfolio can be found at

Further information about undergraduate research opportunities and transcript notation may be found at