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Top quality science and mathematics teachers are in high demand, and the IU School of Education at IUPUI is recognized as a leader in urban education. Students who want to become teachers of middle school and/or high school science or mathematics must take specific programs of study aligned to the standards for teaching these subject areas. Teachers must fully understand the content they teach, the realities of schools, and methods for successfully teaching every child. This requires earning a major or a degree in the School of Science and completing a teacher preparation program in the School of Education.

Mathematics and science majors who want to become teachers need to seek advising from the School of Science as soon as possible so that they take the right courses as they complete their majors. Mathematics majors often find they can complete both their major in mathematics and the Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn (LTTL) program as part of their bachelor’s degree. Science majors typically complete their bachelor’s degree in science and then enter the Transition to Teaching (T2T) program as post baccalaureate students, earning the first half of their master’s degree in this 12-month teacher education program. The Transition to Teaching program is also an option for mathematics graduates or returning students.

Admission to either the undergraduate (LTTL) or the graduate (T2T) teacher education program is competitive. Students must complete a formal application and have most of the required courses in the major, passing PRAXIS test scores, a clear criminal history check, and at least a 2.5 overall GPA. Specific information about admission to each program is available on the School of Education Web site.

Both the Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn program and the Transition to Teaching program enable students to earn Rules 2002 Indiana Teacher Licenses. The LTTL program consists of 43 credit hours of undergraduate study, sequenced across four semesters including a final semester of student teaching. The T2T program is 18 credit hours (plus program fees) of graduate study done while practice teaching in schools everyday for one school year.

Note: Information about teacher education and licensing may change for many reasons, including legislative mandates and state policies. Students need to check for current information on the School of Education Web site and meet with School of Education advisors regularly.