International Studies

  • INTL-I 100 Introduction to International Studies (3 cr.) This is the required introductory course for the international studies major and minor. In contrast to international relations (a subfield of political science), with which it is often confused, international studies is an interdisciplinary field. This course provides you with an interdisciplinary sample of international studies scholarship from a variety of academic disciplines. PUL=5
  • INTL-I 400 International Studies Capstone Seminar (3 cr.) This is the required senior seminar capstone course for the international studies major. It provides an integrative capstone experience which reinforces the interdisciplinary nature of international studies. PUL=2,4
  • INTL-I 415 Individual Readings in International Studies (3 cr.) This course allows students to pursue independent study projects or to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects in international studies. PUL=3