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Postbaccalaureate Certificates

The College of Arts and Sciences offers postbaccalaureate certificates in three areas: Community Development and Urban Studies (contact Department of Minority Studies at 219-980-6629), Computer Information Systems (contact Department of Computer Information Systems at 219-980-6638), and Race-Ethnic Studies (contact Department of Minority Studies at 219-980­-6629). The certificates are designed for mature students seeking career changes, career development, or lifelong learning objectives. The postbaccalaureate certificate options are open to anyone holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Students will receive instructions in the major certificate subject area and selected courses in Arts and Sciences related areas.

The complete range of academic counseling, career counseling, and placement services are available to postbaccalaureate certificate students (consult the IU Northwest Undergraduate Bulletin for details)

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