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Health Information Management
  • HIM-M 100 Introduction to Health Care Delivery and Health Information Management (2 cr.) P: School Authorization CHHS Ugrd. Overview of the health care industry and the health information management profession. Includes overview of health care reimbursement, organizations, services, and personnel across the healthcare delivery system, and analysis of information needs across the continuum of healthcare. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 101 Introduction to Health Records (3 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M100. Study of health record documentation, organizational principles, and Information Governance initiatives. Development of systems and processes for collection, maintenance, and dissemination of health-related information. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 107 Computer Applications in Health Information Technology (3 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M100. The study of information technologies, electronic health record systems and health information specialty systems commonly used in health care and Health Information Management departments. Application of policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and integrity of patient data. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 193 CPT Coding (2 cr.) P: HIM M195. The study of CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) coding and classification principles. (Summer)
  • HIM-M 195 Medical Terminology (3 cr.) The study of the language of medicine, including word construction, definitions, spelling, and abbreviations; emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing skills. (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • HIM-M 200 Supervision in Health Information Services (2 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107. Study of supervisory principles and practices, with application to health information services. Introduction to effective leadership and planning within the healthcare system. Creating programs and policies that support a culture of diversity. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 201 Coding and Classification Systems (3 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107, HIM M193, PHSL P261, PHSL P262 The study of classifications, and nomenclatures, and reimbursement systems. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 202 Clinical Experience in Coding and Classification Systems (3 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M197, HIM M193, PHSL P261, PHSL P262. Clinical instruction includes the revenue cycle, health record coding and application of prospective payment systems. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 203 Health Care Delivery and Quality Assessment (3 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107, HIM M193, HIM M201, HIM M202, HIM M208. The study of healthcare statistics, analytics and decision support.  Application of clinical quality management and performance improvement initiatives. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 204 Clinical Experience in Health Care Delivery and Quality Management (2 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107, HIM M193, HIM M201, HIM M202, HIM M208. Evaluation of the accuracy of diagnostic and procedural coding, collection and analysis of healthcare data, utilization of health information management software products, and application of quality improvement and performance initiatives. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 205 Pathology (3 cr.) P: PHSL P261, PHSL P262. A survey of changes that occur in the diseased state to include general concepts of disease, causes of disease, clinical symptoms and treatment, and diseases that affect specific body systems. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 206 Reimbursement Principles in Health Care (2 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107, HIM M193, HIM M201, HIM M202, HIM M208. The study of the revenue cycle, U.S. health care payment systems; overview of the complex interrelationships between reimbursement, coded data, and compliance. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 208 Coding Lab (2 cr.) P: HIM M195, HIM M101, HIM M107, HIM M193, PHSL P261, PHSL P262. The application of ICD and CPT coding and classification principles. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 245 Health Record Law (3 cr.) P: HIM M100, HIM M101, HIM M107. Study of concepts and principles of law and their application to the health care field, specifically to health information services. Application of confidentiality and release of information, liability of health care providers, privacy, and security. Discussion of the judicial process. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 301 Healthcare Quality and Information Management (3 cr.) P: HIM M101, HIM M107. The study and application of regulatory and accrediting body requirements for quality and performance improvement, utilization management, risk management, and medical staff organization.  Application of the collection, analysis, and interpretation of healthcare data.  (Spring)
  • HIM-M 302 Health Record Law II and Ethics (3 cr.) P: HIM M245. Detailed study of legal issues in health informatics and information management. HIPAA and other statutory and regulatory requirements are studied. Study and application of ethics within health informatics and HIM. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 401 Healthcare Data Management in HIM (3 cr.) P: School Authorization CHHS Ugrd. Management of the coding function and revenue cycle processes in all healthcare settings. Planning and implementation of clinical documentation improvement and compliance programs related to HIM. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 402 Health Finance and Budgeting for HIM (3 cr.) P: School Authorization CHHS Ugrd. The study of the financial management of healthcare facilities based on generally accepted business principles. Accounting principles, financial statements, revenue and expenses management, and capital expenses in healthcare environments, and specifically HIM departments will be studied. The preparation and management of a health information management department budget will be studied at length in this course. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 403 Organization and Management of HIM (3 cr.) P: School Authorization CHHS Ugrd. A study of and application of human resources management functions in a Health Information Department to include recruitment, selection, retention, and performance management. Leadership theories, change management, training and development, and legal aspects of healthcare human resources management are studied. Strategic planning will also be explored. (Fall) 
  • HIM-M 404 Research Principles for HIM (3 cr.) P: School Authorization CHHS Ugrd. Applied research methodologies in healthcare services, health informatics, and health information management. This course will cover research design principles, inclusion of vital statistics, national research policy making, biomedical and health research investigation, and research protocol data management. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 410 Computer systems in Healthcare (3 cr.) P: HIM M101, HIM M107. Understanding and applying the systems development life cycle in system implementations and updates integrating project management theory. Evaluate and implement national health information initiatives and standards. Examine the concepts of data security, integrity, validity, and data quality monitoring. (Fall)
  • HIM-M 415 Capstone (2 cr.) P: HIM M301, HIM M401, HIM M402, HIM M410. Review and study of all health information management program competencies in preparation for the registered health information administrator examination. (Spring)
  • HIM-M 459 Professional Practicum (4 cr.) P: HIM M301, HIM M401, HIM M402, HIM M410, HIM M302, HIM M403, HIM M404, HIM M415. Professional internship in an approved clinical site. The student will participate in and complete an applied project related to health information management upon approval from the course instructor and site’s management team. (Summer)

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