School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Chair: Kathryn Holcomb

Professors: Christina Downey
Associate Professors: Kevin Clark, Kathryn Holcomb
Assistant Professors: Julie Brunson, Gin Morgan, Amy Salmeto-Johnson
Clinical Associate Professor: Rosalyn Davis
Clinical Assistant Professors:  Yamini Bellare, Joseph Waters
Visiting Lecturer:  Brooke Komar


The mission of the psychology program is to provide students with one of three available bachelor’s degrees in psychology: the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), which follows the traditional liberal arts framework for college education; and two Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees, which allow more focused study of the science of psychology. Thus, our program contributes to IU Kokomo’s mission of providing undergraduate coursework leading to the baccalaureate degree for residents of North Central Indiana. We in the psychology department strive to help our majors understand the major theoretical approaches to human behavior and cognition; develop abilities to gather, analyze, synthesize, and apply psychology information; develop a healthy skepticism about conclusions presented without supporting data; and communicate more effectively. The psychology program seeks to provide students the opportunity to develop and achieve their personal and career aspirations, including opportunities for engaging in research with faculty, independent research, and practicum experiences within the community. Thus, our program contributes to IU Kokomo’s mission to enhance research and develop partnerships between our degree and various community programs.


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