School of Business

Erwin Boschmann, Interim Dean
Gloria Preece, M.B.A. Director

Professors: Cox, Meybodi, Parkison, Rink, Roden
Associate Professor: Chulkov, Ficht
Assistant Professors: Kim, Nur, Smith, VanAlstine
Lecturer: Preece

The School of Business offers the Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Business with concentrations in Accounting, Finance and Economics, Management, and Marketing. The School also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting. These programs provide opportunities for breadth of education as well as for a reasonable level of specialization.

As an academic unit of a regional campus of Indiana University, the mission of the School of Business is to provide innovative, quality, and cost-effective undergraduate and graduate business education in north central Indiana, preparing students for effective ethical leadership in a diverse global economy. The faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching and continued intellectual growth through professional development, research, and service including regional economic development. (Adopted 12/11/2009 by the School of Business and Passed by Administrative Council 5/27/2010)

The School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International on both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Programs
The baccalaureate program of the School of Business is based on the principle of a balanced education in business administration and economics with a foundation in the arts and sciences. The undergraduate program allows students to specialize in professional fields integral to contemporary enterprise and management. It prepares students in north central Indiana to become effective organizational leaders and managers. The undergraduate curriculum consists of three parts: (1) general education, (2) basic business administration, and (3) professional courses. In addition, the program includes courses covering the principles, practices, and trends involved in managing organizations in today’s dynamic economic, social, and political environment. Seniors have a range of elective courses in their concentration area. Courses on this level require participation by students in the discussion and solution of cases, projects, and special problems drawn from the contemporary business world. Recipients of the following scholarships and awards are selected by the School of Business Scholarship Committee.

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