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Master of Business Administration Courses

  • BUKO-C 564 Effective Negotiations (3 cr.) P: BUS-Z 302 or equivalent. The study of establishing coalitions and systems of authority and power configurations and the issue of control in the organization. The course examines the relationships of people, interests, mutual gain, and the use of objective criteria in problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • BUKO-C 566 Issues in International Management (1-3 cr.) P: BUS-D 301 or equivalent. Issues and topics relating to managing and global environment. The focal areas could include international marketing, financing and producing; the cultural and national context; multinational corporate operations; political, legal and economic aspects and other areas of special current interest.
  • BUKO-C 567 Issues in Financial Management (1-3 cr.) P: BUS-F 301 or equivalent. Application of financial theory to current problems and topics in financial management. The approach may include case analyses and active class discussion; emphasis on decision making in an uncertain financial environment. Topics include dividend theory, capital structure, investments and agency theory.
  • BUKO-C 568 Issues in Marketing Management (1-3 cr.) P: BUS-M 301 or equivalent. Major contemporary issues confronting marketing managers; development of appropriate marketing plans and strategies that may incorporate analytical and/or heuristic techniques and inter-functional aspects of marketing. Topics may include: global marketing, technology marketing, intelligence marketing, value marketing, Eco marketing, ethics and marketing, marketing’s change role, and services marketing.
  • BUKO-C 570 Issues in Human Resource Management (1-3 cr.) P: BUS-Z 302 or equivalent. This course examines in depth selected topics in human resource management, such as strategic human resource planning and recruitment, employee rights and responsibilities, performance appraisal and training, and occupational health and safety. (“Staffing Organizations” typical topic offered).
  • BUKO-C 571 International Corporate Finance (3 cr.) P: BUS-F 301 or equivalent. This course examines how firms and investors manage their operation or investments in an international environment. Topics to be discussed include foreign exchange risk management, financing the global firm, foreign investment decisions and multinational capital budgeting.
  • BUKO-C 573 Issues in Legal Environment of Business (1-3 cr.) P: BUS-L 201 or equivalent. Focus on fundamental legal principles and issues concerning the legal environment of business. Examples include business ethics, intellectual property, computer law, international sales transactions, business organizations, government regulation and the international legal environment.
  • BUKO-C 578 International Marketing (3 cr.) P: BUS-M 301 or equivalent. Differences in market arrangements and in legal, cultural, and economic factors in different countries. Planning and organizing for international marketing operations, forecasting and analyses; interrelationships with other functions; and strategy of product, pricing, promotion and channels.
  • BUKO-C 581 Advertising and Sales Promotion (3 cr.) P: BUS-M 301 or equivalent. Theories and practices of advertising, sales promotion and public relations as they relate to the overall marketing program. Emphasis is placed on policy planning, decision tools, and the legal and social environment.
  • BUKO-C 590 Independent Study In Business And Administration (1-3 cr.) (permission of instructor and MBA Director) The objective behind independent study is to provide an opportunity to the graduate student to study, analyze, and/or evaluate in-depth some topic of interest.
  • BUKO-C 599 Project Demonstrating Expertise (PDE) (3-6 cr.) (permission of instructor and MBA Director) A significant project in the student’s field that demonstrates expertise in applying knowledge to the benefit of the organization and student. Expectations, determined jointly by faculty and executive mentors, include the ability to effectively manage the responsibilities involved. To optimize learning, PDE may coincide with other projects and studies.
  • BUKO-D 542 Advanced Managerial Accounting (3 cr.) P: BUS-A 201. Spring Semesters (8-week duration in even years; 16 week duration in odd years). The uses of accounting information for decision making, and for planning and controlling business operations. The behavioral aspects of performance reports, budgets, and variance analysis.
  • BUKO-E 530 Survey of International Economics (3 cr.) P: ECON-E 201 and ECON-E 202 or equivalent. Basis for and effects of international trade, commercial policy and effects of trade restrictions, balance of payments and exchange rate adjustments, international monetary systems, and fixed vs. flexible exchange rates.
  • BUKO-E 542 Strategic Managerial Economics (3 cr.) Prerequisites: ECON-E 201 and ECON-E 202 or equivalent. Fall Semesters (8-week duration in odd years; 16-week in even years). Provides the microeconomic understanding that business managers will find useful in making decisions under conditions of uncertainty. Topics include demand and cost estimations, pricing, market structure and analysis, and the organization of the firm. The course will include case analyses of situations in business using a managerial economics perspective.
  • BUKO-F 542 Advanced Financial Management (3 cr.) Spring (8-week duration in even years; 16 week duration in odd years) P: BUS-F 301. Spring (8-week duration in even years; 16 week duration in odd years). Study of the aggregation and distribution of financial resources. Topics include analysis of money and capital markets, financial instruments and securities, interest rate theory, and public and private institutions of the United States financial system.
  • BUKO-J 512 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship (3 cr.) (permission of instructor-Course should be taken late in the M.B.A. program) This course integrates students’ knowledge in various application of management theory and development of practical solutions for real problems necessary to formulate a business plan. Attention is given to the role of the entrepreneur or small business manager.
  • BUKO-J 560 Organizational Strategy, Policy, and Innovation (3 cr.) Spring Semesters (8-week duration in odd years; 16-week in even years). This course emphasizes the integration and application of diverse knowledge and understanding to organizational strategy. Students, as top executive decision makers, study actual business cases; then test and present their ideas. Successful global commerce requires innovative strategies. Use of analytical, creative, collaborative, and teamwork skills.
  • BUKO-L 506 Employment Problems and the Law (3 cr.) Current legal problems in the area of employment. Topics include the hiring process, managing a diverse workforce, affirmative action, race and sex discrimination, harassment, the American with Disabilities Act, pay equity, employment at will, privacy issues such as drug testing and limits on monitoring and testing, termination issues and post-termination issues.
  • BUKO-L 512 Law and Ethics in Business (3 cr.) The objective is to provide the student of management with that knowledge of the American legal system--its processes and the substantive law itself--which is necessary to the making of informed and effective business decisions. Because the law develops and evolves in response to changing social, economic, political, and technological forces, and because business decisions often carry long-lasting as well as delayed effects, this course will emphasize the study of legal change. It is hoped that consideration of past legal developments will give prospective managers sufficient insight into the dynamics of this process to enable them to predict as soundly as possible the future legal environment in which their present decisions will bear fruit.
  • BUKO-M 560 Advanced Marketing Management (3 cr.) P: BUS-M 301. Fall Semesters (8-week duration in even years; 16 week duration in odd years). The formulation and implementation of strategic marketing plans for the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products and services in domestic and international markets. Topics include the role of marketing research and information systems, market opportunity analysis, market segmentation, and analytical tools for optimizing marketing decisions. Extensive use of selected readings, cases, and research projects.
  • BUKO-M 570 Advanced Operations Management (3 cr.) P: BUS-K 302. Spring Semesters (8-week duration in odd years; 16-week in even years). An in-depth study of topics such as operations planning, material requirements, planning, capacity planning, scheduling, master production scheduling, forecasting, inventory management, the just in time inventory system, and operations control.
  • BUKO-Z 542 Creating, Leading, and Maintaining High Performance Organizations (3 cr.) P: BUS-Z 302. Fall Semesters (8-week duration in even years; 16-week in odd years). This course explores how managers create high-performance organizations by marshaling traditional and non-traditional human resource management, organization leadership and change-management practices to align those practices with organizational strategy.

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