School of Business

Business Minor

Students may obtain a minor in business by successfully fulfilling the following requirements:
  • ECON-E 200 Fundamentals of Economics (3 cr.) OR ECON-E 201 Introduction to Microeconomics AND ECON-E 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics (6 cr.)
Choose two from:
  • BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting I (3 cr.)
  • BUS-K 201 Computer in Business (3 cr.)
  • BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business (3 cr.)
Choose two from:
  • BUS-D 301 International Business Environment (3 cr.)
  • BUS-S 302 Management Information Systems (3 cr.)
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations (3 cr.) Students must earn a minimum of C- in each course, and a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0

*Note: ECON-E 300 cannot be counted as a required course toward an undergraduate business degree.

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