Security Informatics

About the Program

Information security is more than a technology problem.

It’s also a human problem. To fully protect sensitive data, security professionals need to be prepared for the hacker who tries to exploit a software bug—or the employee who takes work home and accidentally leaves it on the bus.

The security informatics program offers students a new, interdisciplinary approach to information security that goes beyond technology to address the social and practical aspects of protecting data. You will receive a solid technical foundation in designing, implementing, and managing secure systems. You’ll also gain insight into the social, legislative, and economic considerations that affect the decisions people and businesses make about their own security and privacy.

Our industry-oriented curriculum is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, management information systems, economics, informatics, and related disciplines. In addition to a core security informatics curriculum, you are encouraged to pursue a concentration in a related field, including criminal justice, economics, or psychology.


M.S. in Security Informatics

  • Follows an interdisciplinary approach that blends technology, business, and other disciplines

Security informatics track of the Ph.D. in Informatics

  • Explores the technology, economics, and social impact of information security with research into information security in practice

Students pursuing a security-focused M.S. in Computer Science may also minor in security informatics. Candidates for the Ph.D. in Computer Science have the option of choosing a security informatics professor as their advisor.

Academic Bulletins

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