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Secure Computing

Accelerated Master's Program in Secure Computing

The Accelerated Master's in Secure Computing is designed to allow Computer Science undergraduates, who specialize in Security, to complete the M.S. in Secure Computing with one additional year of study.  The program is specialized offering of the Accelerated M.S. in Computer Science degree program.

Academic Requirements

  • A minimum of 141 credit hours
  • Major GPA of at least 3.0; Cumulative GPA for graduate courses of at least 3.0
  • All Computer Science B.S. degree requirements
  • At least 21 Computer Science credit hours beyond the requirements for the B.S. degree at 500 level or above. This may not include CSCI-Y 890. At least 15 credit hours need to be CSCI courses for majors, and the remaining 6 credit hours may be any CSCI, ENGR, ILS, INFO, STAT, or MATH courses at 500 level or above.  At most 6 combined credit hours may be CSCI-Y 790, Y 791, Y 792, Y 793, or Y 798.

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