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Data Science Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science (GCDS) encompasses a broad range of courses on topics such as cloud computing, health and medicine, high-performance computing, and data analysis.  This professional certificate allows students the opportunity to tailor their curriculum to suit their interests.

Students must complete 12 graduate credit hours with a grade of B or higher to earn the certificate.  Coursework must be completed within two (2) years of entering the certificate program.  No credits may be transferred from another graduate or undergraduate program in order to satisfy the requirements.

Course must be selected from the approved list of graduate courses below, unless otherwise approved; any four (4) courses may be taken for the certificate.  Students are encouraged to consult with the Office of Online Education for course recommendations, availability, etc.

  • CSCI-B 505 Applied Algorithms
  • CSCI-B 551 Elements of Artificial Intelligence
  • CSCI-B 561 Advanced Database Concepts
  • CSCI-B 657 Computer Vision
  • ENGR-E 511 Machine Learning for Signal Processing
  • ENGR-E 516 Engineering Cloud Computing
  • ENGR-E 517 High Performance Computing
  • ENGR-E 533 Deep Learning Systems
  • ENGR-E 534 Big Data Applications
  • ENGR-E 583 Information Visualization
  • ENGR-E 616 Advanced Cloud Computing
  • ILS-Z 534 Search
  • ILS-Z 639 Social Media Mining
  • INFO-I 520 Security for Networked Systems
  • INFO-I 526 Applied Machine Learning
  • INFO-I 535 Management, Access, and Use of Big and Complex Data
  • INFO-I 590 Topics in Informatics
    • Topic: Advanced Data Science On-Ramp * 
    • Topic: Applied Data Science
    • Topic: Basic Data Science On-Ramp *
    • Topic: Data Science for Drug Discovery, Health and Translational Medicine
    • Topic: Data Semantics
    • Topic: Data Visualization
    • Topic: Introduction to Business Analytics Modeling
    • Topic: Introduction to NLP for Data Science
    • Topic: Python
    • Topic: Real World Data Science
    • Topic: SQL and noSQL
    • Topic: Time Series Analysis
  • INFO-I 606 Network Science
  • STAT-S 520 Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT-S 681 Topics in Applied Statistics
    • Topic: Introduction to Regression Models and Nonparametrics
(*) No more than a total of three (3) credit hours may be earned in Basic and Advanced Data Science On-Ramp


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