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Recreational Sport Management


Students wanting to declare this minor may do so in one of two ways:

Students are responsible for checking with their degree-granting schools/units to determine whether or not this minor may be officially recorded on their transcripts.

Students considering this minor may schedule an appointment with an SPH-B academic advisor.

School of Public Health-Bloomington
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Bloomington, IN 47405-7109

This minor requires:

  • successful completion of 15 credit hours prescribed below.
  • a minimum cumulative minor GPA of 2.0.
  • a minimum grade of C- is required in each course used in this minor.

Note: No course in this minor may be taken under the Pass/Fail Option.

Recreational Sport Management Courses (12 cr.)
Complete each of the following courses:

  • SPH-R 230 Recreational Sport Programming (3 cr.) or SPH-K 206 Recreational Sport Programming (3 cr.)
  • SPH R 410 Event Planning and Program Development (3 cr.)
  • SPH R 414 Legal Aspects of Recreation (3 cr.)
  • SPH-R 431 Youth Sport Management (3 cr.)

Recreational Sport Management Electives (3 cr.)*
Complete one course from the following list:

  • SPH-R 210 Inclusion in Health & Wellness Design (3 cr.) or SPH-K 398 Adapted Physical Activity (3 cr.) #
  • SPH-R 200 Health & Happiness by Design (3 cr.) +S&H
  • SPH-R 221 Creating a Sense of Place through Design (3 cr.) #
  • SPH-R 235 Sport and Violence (3 cr.)#
  • SPH-R 426 Human Resource Management in Leisure Services (3 cr.)

+ Courses followed by the S&H notation may apply to both the minor requirements and to the general education, social and historical studies requirement for bachelor's degree students.

* Students majoring in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management must take one recreational sport management elective course which is not required for that major. Courses which are not required by the Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management major are marked with a #.

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