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Acceptable Human Development and Family Studies Professional Electives

Professional Electives for Human Development and Family Studies Students

To customize their major, students are required to take 12 credits of related professional electives from the list below.  Of these, 9 credits must be at the 300/400-level.  A minimum grade of C- is required for each course. 

School of Public Health Options (preferred):
SPH-B310 Public Health in Diverse Communities
SPH-B315 Health in the Later Years
SPH-B335 Aging, Health, and Diverse Populations
SPH-B350 Seminar in Public Health Education
SPH-B354 Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Gerontology
SPH-B366 Community Health
SPH-B403 Public Health Program Planning
SPH-B416 Introduction to Health Counseling
SPH-E311 Introduction to Epidemiology
SPH-F180 Introduction to Child and Youth Work
SPH-F330 Leadership Theory and Practice in Youth Development
SPH-F341 Today's Families:  Understanding Change in Family Dynamics (if not completed for major)
SPH-F350 Topical Seminar in HDFS
SPH-F410 Positive Youth Development
SPH-F457 Protective Factors, Resilence, and Stress in the Family (if not completed for major)
SPH-H150 Children’s Health Up to Age 5
SPH-H160 First Aid and Emergency Care
SPH-H172 International Health and Social Issues
SPH-H174 Prevention of Violence in American Society
SPH-H180 Stress Prevention and Management
SPH-H220 Death and Dying
SPH-H235 Obesity and Health
SPH-H263 Personal Health
SPH-H305 Women’s Health
SPH-H306 Men’s Health
SPH-H315 Consumer Health
SPH-H318 Drug Use in American Society
SPH-H319 Global Health Promotion
SPH-H320 Nature of Cancer
SPH-H326 Sexually Transmitted Infections
SPH-H334 Heart Health and Diabetes
SPH-H350 Topical Seminar in Health Promotionj
SPH-H351 Complementary & Alternative Approaches to Health
SPH-H418 The Nature of Addiction
SPH-H464 Coordinated School Health Programs
SPH-K290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary School Children
SPH-K342 Foundations of Physical Activity Instruction for Older Adults
SPH-K360 Determinants of Successful Active Aging
SPH-K398 Adapted Physical Activity
SPH-K405 Exercise and Sport Psychology
SPH-K422 Programming for Age Related Medical Considerations
SPH-N220 Nutrition for Health
SPH-P309 Public Health Administration
SPH-R142 Living Well
SPH-R210 Inclusion in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
SPH-S101 Introduction to Safety
SPH-S151 Legal Aspects of Safety
College of Arts and Sciences Options:
AAAD-A210 Black Women in the Diaspora
AAAD-A425 The Black Family in 20th Century Rural America
AMST-A202 U.S. Arts and Media A&H
CJUS-P100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS-P200 Theories of Crime and Deviance
CJUS-P290 The Nature of Inquiry
CJUS-P300 Topics in Criminal Justice
CJUS-P301 Police in Contemporary Society
CJUS-P302 Courts and Criminal Justice
CJUS-P303 Corrections and Criminal Justice
CJUS-P304 Probation and Parole
CJUS-P306 Drugs, Society, and Justice
CJUS-P308 Gender and Crime
CJUS-P312 Child Maltreatment and the Law
CJUS-P314 Law and Social Science
CJUS-P320 Foundations of Criminal Investigation
CJUS-P340 Law and Society: Cross-Culture Prospective
CJUS-P360 Psychology and the Law
CJUS-P370 Criminal Law
CJUS-P371 Criminal Procedure
CJUS-P375 American Juvenile Justice System
CJUS-P380 Dispute Management
CJUS-P381 History of Social Control in the United States
CJUS-P411 Criminal Justice Management
CJUS-P412 Sex, Drugs, AIDS, and Criminal Law
CJUS-P414 Adolescents and the Law
CJUS-P419 Race, Class, and Crime
CJUS-P420 Violence in the Black Community
CJUS-P423 Sexuality and the Law
CJUS-P425 Women and the Criminal Justice System
CJUS-P457 Seminar on White Collar Crime
CJUS-P460 Public Control of Deviant Behavior
CJUS-P461 Lethality: Homicide and Self-Destruction
CJUS-P462 Child Abuse and Neglect
CJUS-P493 Seminar in Criminal Justice
GNDR-G101 Gender Culture and Society
GNDR-G102 Sexual Politics
GNDR-G206 Gay Histories, Queer Cultures
GNDR-G215 Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
GNDR-G335 Explaining Sex/Gender Differences
HIST-H231 Women, Men, and Family in History
PSY-P303 Health Psychology
PSY-P304 Social Psychology & Individual Differences
PSY-P319 The Psychology of Personality
PSY-P323 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY-P324 Abnormal Psychology
PSY-P325 Psychology of Learning
PSY-P327 Psychology of Motivation
PSY-P329 Sensation and Perception
PSY-P335 Cognitive Psychology
PSY-P425 Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
SOC-S210 The Economy, Organizations, and Work
SOC-S215 Social Change
SOC-S217 Social Inequality
SOC-S230 Society and the Individual
SOC-S302 Organizations in Society
SOC-S305 Population
SOC-S308 Global Society
SOC-S312 Education and Society
SOC-S313 Religion and Society
SOC-S315 Work in the New Economy
SOC-S317 Social Stratification
SOC-S320 Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control
SOC-S321 Sexual Diversity
SOC-S324 Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC-S326 Law and Society
SOC-S329 Women and Deviance
SOC-S335 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC-S338 Sociology of Gender
SOC-S344 Sociology of Childhood
SOC-S358 Social Inequalities in Health
SOC-S365 Health and Society
SOC-S422 Constructing Sexuality
School of Education Options:
EDUC-E330 Infant Learning Environments
EDUC-E335 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EDUC-F203 Child & Adolescent Mental Health in Applied Settings
(variable-topic course: only this topic)
EDUC-G203 Communication for Youth Serving Professionals
EDUC-G204 Asian American Mental Health
EDUC-G206 Introduction to Counseling Psychology
EDUC-G207 Introduction to Student-Athlete Counseling
EDUC-G208 Prevention of Adolescent Risk Behavior
EDUC-G302 Counseling with Youth
EDUC-G310 Addictions Counseling
EDUC-G352 Counseling for Career Issues
EDUC-G355 Positive Psychology
EDUC-G375 Multicultural Skills
EDUC-K205 Introduction to Exceptional Children
EDUC-K343 Education of the Socially & Emotionally Disturbed I
EDUC-P313 Adolescents in a Learning Community
EDUC-P403 Child & Adolescent Trauma in Applied Settings
EDUC-P 404, Behavioral Management in Youth
EDUC-P465 Childhood Socialization
School of Public and Environmental Affairs Options:
SPEA-V160 National and International Policy
SPEA-V161 Urban Problems and Solutions
SPEA-V221 Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
SPEA-V263 Public Management
SPEA-V362 Nonprofit Management and Leadership
SPEA-V366 Managing Behavior in Public Organizations
SPEA-V373 Human Resource Management
SPEA-V432 Labor Relations in the Public Sector
SPEA-V435 Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution
SPEA-V436 Comm. for Gov. and Nonprofit Organizations
SPEA-V450 Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs
SPEA-V462 Community Development
SPEA-V463 Interpersonal Relations in the Workplace
School of Social Work Options:
SWK-S102 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
SWK-S141 Introduction to Social Work
SWK-S221 Human Growth & Dev. in the Social Environment
SWK-S300 Selected Topics in Social Work
SWK-S322 Small Group Theory and Practice
SWK-S352 Social Welfare Policy and Practice
Pre-healthcare profession students:  please see
the academic advisor for course substitutions in professional electives.

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