Undergraduate Academic Programs


Transfer Students

Students currently pursuing a degree at another Indiana University campus or at another college or university will need to apply for admission to the IU Bloomington campus through the Office of Admissions. Admitted transfer students who meet the School of Public Health Bloomington’s transfer entrance requirements will immediately certify into the School of Public Health.

Immediate certification to the School of Public Health requires that transfer students:

• Meet transfer admission criteria for IU Bloomington.

• Indicate a School of Public Health program as their intended academic major on the IU Bloomington admissions application.

• Complete 26 credit hours of transferrable coursework.
         o Credit must be from a regionally accredited institution.
         o Credit cannot include developmental courses.
         o Credit must be transferable to IUB based on our transfer policies.

Those who have not met the immediate certification requirements will enter University Division where they will remain until they meet the entrance requirements.

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