COVID-19 Policy Adjustments (2020-2021)

Performer's Certificate

To compare to usual policy, please see "Performer's Certificate" under Regulations and Procedures in this bulletin.

Undergraduate students, master’s students, and Performer Diploma, Solo Performance students are eligible for the Performer’s Certificate, which is awarded as a special recognition of musical understanding and technical proficiency demonstrated in recital. The awarding of the Performer’s Certificate is a two-step process involving the departmental nomination and the recital. These steps must take place during a fall or spring semester. Details are available in the undergraduate office. The following procedures are to be observed.

  1. When an applied teacher nominates a student for a Performer’s Certificate, a recording made by the student must be submitted to the department chair for review by at least 2 additional members of the department. For guidelines on what constitutes an acceptable student recording, please contact the appropriate department chair. The applied teacher should also contact Music Information Technology Services to arrange for the student’s prospective recital to be video recorded. Requests received less than 14 days in advance of the recital may not be able to be accommodated. The request to record the recital must be cancelled if the nomination is not successful.
  2. The student’s department chair is responsible for reporting the nomination to the undergraduate recorder, who will assemble a committee of at least 7 members, 3 of whom must be from outside of the department. In small departments such as guitar, harp, and organ, and percussion, the department chair will provide the names of additional “departmental” members for the committee to the undergraduate office. The members from outside the department will be selected from the Performer’s Certificate Hearing Committee by the undergraduate office.
  3. Committee members may attend the live recital or review the recording of the recital.
  4. Votes must be sent to the undergraduate recorder within 14 days of the recital.
  5. At least 5 positive votes, 3 from the department and 2 from the PC committee members outside of department, are necessary to award the Performer’s Certificate. If additional department members review the recital and vote, the number of positive departmental votes needed to award the Performer’s Certificate is shown in parenthesis: 6(4), 7(5), 8(6), 9(6), 10(7), 11(8), 12(8).

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