COVID-19 Policy Adjustments (2020-2021)

Ensemble Policy

To compare to usual policy, please see "Ensemble Policy" under Regulations and Procedures in this bulletin.

All undergraduate and graduate degree students, diploma students, visiting students, and nondegree music students (except certificate students, students accepted for certain doctoral programs, master's students who have completed their major ensemble degree requirement, or BME and MS Music Education majors in their student-teaching semester) must register for and achieve a passing grade in a major ensemble each fall and spring semester. See list of Major Ensembles in the "Courses" section of this bulletin.

Students may request placement in a particular ensemble, but final placement will be made by the faculty.

The faculty of the Jacobs School of Music is strongly committed to the idea that students should be given the opportunity to develop their talents to the highest degree possible. They are also committed to the idea that each student can and should contribute to the education of others, to the advancement of the art of music, and to the enrichment of the cultural life of the university through participation in the major ensemble experience to the degree that safe protocols allow. Students have the option of face-to-face or online participation.

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