General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Minors

The following is a partial list of minors available within the Jacobs School of Music. For others, consult the director of graduate studies.

Minor in Choral Conducting

Prior conducting experience and a conducting audition are required for acceptance into the minor in choral conducting. The minor in choral conducting must include:

  • M555 Foundations in Choral Score Analysis and Preparation (3 cr.)
  • M565 Master’s Seminar in Choral Literature (3 cr.)
  • G561-562 Master’s Choral Conducting I-II (3-3 cr.)
Minor in Composition

The minor in composition consists of:

  1. 12 credits of K810 Composition Graduate Minor (2 credits of K551 Advanced Orchestration may be substituted for 2 credits of K810 at the recommendation of the composition faculty);
  2. the public performance on student composition recitals of at least three compositions written while enrolled in K810, to be graded as Pass/Fail by a committee of at least three composition faculty in attendance; and
  3. a minor field examination in two parts: the composition of a vocal work to an assigned text within a 24-hour period, and the composition of a short movement for chamber ensemble within a seven-day period. Both compositions will be graded Pass/Fail by a committee of at least three composition faculty members.
Minor in Early Music

The minor in early music must include 6 credit hours selected from:

  • M635 Performance Practice Before 1750 (2 cr.)
  • M517-M518-M519-M520 Literature and Performance Practice I-II-III-IV (2-2-2-2 cr.)
  • F501 Accompaniment of Baroque Music (2 cr.)
  • F502 Topics in Basso Continuo (2 cr.)
  • F503 Advanced Topics in Basso Continuo (2 cr.)
  • M558 Topics in Early Music (1 cr.)

Also required are 6 credit hours of electives (performance study, chamber music, or other courses) offered by the Early Music Department and approved by the department chairperson.

Minor in Jazz Studies

The minor in jazz studies must include one course selected from M591 Jazz History 1: origins through 1949 (3 cr); M592 Jazz History 2: 1950-1969 (3 cr); M593 Jazz History 3: 1970-present (3 cr.); or M594 Big Band Jazz (3 cr.), and 9 credit hours selected from other available graduate courses in jazz approved by the jazz department chairperson.

Minor in Music Education

The minor in music education must consist of 6 credit hours selected from:

  • E518 Foundations of Music Education (3 cr.)
  • E530 Learning Processes in Music (3 cr.)
  • E535 Measurement, Evaluation, and Guidance in Music (3 cr.)
  • E616 Curriculum in Music Education (3 cr.)
  • E619 Psychology of Music (3 cr.)
  • E635 College Music Teaching (3 cr.)

Also required are 6 credit hours of electives in graduate music education.

Minor in Music History and Literature

The minor in music history and literature must include four graduate courses in music history and literature taught by members of the musicology faculty.

Minor in Music Information Technology

The minor in music information technology consists of any four graduate courses in music information technology.

Minor in Music Theory

The minor in music theory must include:

  • T551 Analytical Techniques for Tonal Music (3 cr.) or T556 Analysis of Music Since 1900 (3 cr.)
  • 9 credit hours from available graduate courses in music theory numbered T545 or above approved by the music theory department chairperson.

A minimum grade of B is required in each course to be counted toward the music theory minor.

Minor in Musicology

The minor in musicology must include:

  • M551 Introduction to Historical Musicology (3 cr.) (prerequisite: M539 Introduction to Music Bibliography)
  • Two musicology seminars M602 Seminar in Musicology: Variable Topics (3-3 cr.)
  • A fourth course approved by the musicology department chairperson.
Minor in Organ

Prerequisite: at least two semesters of formal organ study (with a minimum facility on both manual and pedal keyboards as judged by audition) and submission of a repertoire list (which may include technical studies, service music, hymns, etc.).

The minor in organ must include:

  • 6 credit hours of Q800 Organ Graduate Minor (normally offered in the summer only)
  • 6 credit hours of graduate level courses offered by the organ department
Minor in Stage Direction for Opera

The minor in stage direction for opera must include:

  • R505 Opera Stage Direction Technique I (3 cr.)
  • R591 Principles of Acting in Opera (2 cr.)
  • R502 Stage Management (1 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours selected from M561-M562-M563-M564 History and Literature of Opera I-II-III-IV (3-3-3-3 cr.) or M525 Survey of Operatic Literature (3 cr.)
Minor in Voice

The minor in voice must include:

  • 6 credit hours of V800 Voice Graduate Minor
  • 6 credit hours selected from:
    • E594 Voice Pedagogy (3 cr.)
    • M531-M532 Song Literature III-IV (3-3 cr.)
    • M685 Solo Vocal Literature before 1800 (3 cr.)
    • M686 Early Romantic Song Literature (3 cr.)
    • M687 Late Romantic Song Literature (3 cr.)
    • M688 Solo Vocal Literature after 1900 (3 cr.)

For audition information, see the department chairperson.

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