Admission Requirements

All persons with a bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited college, university, conservatory, or its demonstrated equivalent, are eligible to apply for admission to the Graduate Division of the Jacobs School of Music, which administers master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and diploma programs. Students with a non-degree based conservatory education (resulting in advanced diplomas in performance, music history, and music theory) who can satisfy an undergraduate equivalent in music may be considered for entrance into the Master of Music program with the consent of the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee, and the director of graduate studies.

Students with undergraduate degrees in areas other than music may be admitted to the Jacobs School of Music as non-degree students until an undergraduate equivalency in music is satisfied. If the student is fully prepared in the major area, the non-degree status will be at the graduate level. If there are undergraduate deficiencies in the major area, the student will be considered a non-degree undergraduate student. Deficiencies relative to such an equivalency may exist in the major field, in a performance area (for students majoring in areas other than performance), or in the undergraduate music core curriculum. Consult the graduate office for the details of equivalency requirements.

Academic Bulletins

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Students are ordinarily subject to the curricular requirements outlined in the Bulletin in effect at the start of their current degree. See below for links to previous Bulletins.