Diploma Programs in Performance

The Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma programs are intended for the outstanding performer and are designed to concentrate study in appropriate repertoire. The diploma programs are administered by the director of graduate studies. The Performer Diploma, Orchestral Studies, and Performer Diploma, Chamber Music are open only to string majors.

General Requirements

Students enroll in major-level lessons each semester of enrollment, including the summer term, and in major ensemble each fall and spring semester. Some diploma programs require enrollment in additional courses such as chamber music, orchestral repertoire, or chamber music literature. Over the course of their program, diploma students also enroll in 6 credits of other music courses, perform one recital (Performer Diploma, Solo Performance and Performer Diploma, Chamber Music), pass one exam (Performer Diploma, Orchestral Studies), or perform four recitals (Artist Diploma), and meet a language requirement. Voice students have additional requirements in language grammar and diction. The minimum enrollment each semester is 10 credit hours (there is no minimum in the summer term). No transfer of credit is accepted toward the requirements of any diploma program.

Grade Requirements

Students in all diploma programs must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to graduate; a grade of B or higher in each major ensemble enrollment; a grade of C or higher in each course that is to count under the heading “Music Courses”; and a grade of A- or higher in all other required courses, including lessons and recitals.

Language Requirements

Voice and early music voice students must demonstrate knowledge of French, German, and Italian grammar equivalent to two semesters at the college level with a grade of C or higher in each, and proficiency in diction in each language by examination or by passing a Jacobs School of Music diction course. Students must take all three diction exams in their first semester of enrollment; with voice department permission, they may take specific exams for a second time in their second semester of enrollment. Diction exams are given prior to the beginning of each semester. For any exam not passed, students must pass the appropriate Jacobs School of Music diction course with a grade of C or higher.

Instrumental students whose first language is English must demonstrate knowledge of the grammar of one non-English language equivalent to two semesters at the college level with a grade of C or higher in each. International students whose first language is not English and who have met the minimum TOEFL score requirements for admission to a diploma program will have the language requirement for instrumental students waived.

Time Limits

Students may enroll for a maximum of four fall-spring semesters and must complete all requirements within five years from the date of first enrollment. Additional semesters of enrollment within the five-year time limit are possible only through recommendation by the student’s performance instructor and approval by the director of graduate studies.

Academic Bulletins

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