General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees

Admission to Curriculum

A master’s degree with the same major or its demonstrated equivalent is a prerequisite for the doctoral degree. For a doctoral major not existing at the master’s level, the prerequisites are those listed with the curriculum. Students electing a change of major at the doctoral level may demonstrate the equivalent of the prerequisite for the new major by special examinations or by passing prerequisite courses. In the event that a student wishes to bypass the master’s degree, the first 30 credit hours of graduate work will be considered the equivalent of the master’s degree and will be subject to the requirements and regulations that apply to the master’s degree. Permission from the department and the director of graduate studies is required. Students directly admitted to a Ph.D. program who wish to obtain a master’s degree must complete all requirements that apply to the master’s degree.

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Students are ordinarily subject to the curricular requirements outlined in the Bulletin in effect at the start of their current degree. See below for links to previous Bulletins.