Curricula for Graduate Degrees


Master of Music in Performance


Bachelor of Music or its demonstrated equivalent.


20 credit hours

  • P900 Piano Graduate Major (12 cr.)
  • I711 Master’s Recital (0 cr.)
  • F500 Accompanying Recital (0 cr.)
  • M543 Keyboard Literature from 1700 to 1850 (3 cr.)
  • M544 Piano Literature from 1850 to the Present (3 cr.)
  • E493 Piano Pedagogy (2 cr.)

E493 Piano Pedagogy is required only for those students who have not had a course in piano pedagogy or equivalent teaching experience.

Music History and Literature Requirement

6 credit hours. See “Structure of Master’s Curricula” under General Requirements for Master’s Degrees in this bulletin.

Other Required Credits

6 credit hours. See “Structure of Master’s Curricula” under General Requirements for Master’s Degrees in this bulletin.

Major Ensemble

2 credit hours each semester until four fall-spring enrollments are reached or the student graduates; X2 Piano Accompanying (2 cr.) in the first two fall-spring semesters of enrollment.

Doctor of Music in Music Literature and Performance


A master’s degree with the same major or its demonstrated equivalent.


Admission to the curriculum is determined on the basis of a full-length recital, comparable to an M.M. recital, which may or may not be heard in its entirety. This recital will be performed by invitation only, after a screening evaluation. There will be an interview at the time of the recital on the literature, techniques, and pedagogy of the piano. Applicants must show evidence of sufficient performing experience and learning ability to satisfy the committee that they are able to fulfill the requirements for the degree. Applicants must also submit a complete repertoire list of works performed and/or studied at the time of the recital.


36 credit hours

  • P900 Piano Graduate Major (16 cr.)
  • P601 Doctoral Piano Recital (1 cr.)
  • P603 Doctoral Piano Lecture/Recital (1 cr.), at least 30 minutes of music required
  • P604 Doctoral Piano Recital-Final (1 cr.). The final recital is played after the qualifying examination has been passed.
  • P605-P606 Doctoral Concerto I-II (1-1 cr.)
  • I821 Doctoral Chamber Music Recital (1-1 cr.)
  • M645-M646-M647-M648 Seminar in Piano Literature I-II-III-IV (3-3-3-3 cr.)
  • M621 Doctoral Piano Essay (1 cr.)
Minors and Other Required Credits

See “Structure of Doctoral Curricula” under General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees in this bulletin.

Tool Subject

M539 Introduction to Music Bibliography (2 cr.)

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