Academic Policies & Procedures

Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer of Credits Policy

Acceptance of credit from other colleges and universities is processed by the Indiana University Office of Admissions. The applicability of credit toward degree requirements for Business majors and Business minors is determined by the Kelley School.

  • For Kelley School of Business majors, no required BUS courses may be transferred in.  Business majors may transfer in credit for BUS-F 260 and/or BUS-X 100 for elective/supplemental credit or GenEd S&H credit, if specified on the IUB GenEd approved course list for the relevant academic year.
  • For students pursuing a Kelley School of Business minor or certificate, please see the Kelley minors and certificates page for their transfer course policies.

Please refer to the residency policy for additional information about where eligible coursework can be completed.

Credit by Self-Acquired Competency

The Kelley School does not award academic credit on the basis of Self-Acquired Competency (SAC), Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), and/or the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Academic Bulletins

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