Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading System


The grade of W (withdrawal) is given automatically to the student who withdraws from courses by the registrar’s designated deadline as listed in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. The grade of W will be recorded on the date of withdrawal.

Withdrawals after the registrar’s deadline are rarely permitted. Exceptions are made only for dire circumstances (e.g., serious illness).  The desire to avoid a low grade is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal from a course after the registrar’s deadline.

In order to withdraw from a course after the automatic withdrawal period, Kelley School students must obtain a petition form from a business academic advisor and submit it to the Petitions Committee through the Undergraduate Program Office in the Kelley School. Students must provide written documentation supporting the petition. In addition to the Petitions Committee, the instructor of the course must agree to the late drop. A minimum of 10 business days is required for the Petitions Committee to determine approval or denial of a petition. If the petition is approved, the student will be assigned an automatic grade of W. If the petition is denied, the student has two options: (1) to remain in the course and receive whatever grade is earned, or (2) to withdraw from the course with a grade of F, regardless of the student’s current grade in the course.

Non–business students enrolled in business courses must petition their own schools.

In the case of withdrawal from all subjects, a student must be passing the course(s) on the date of withdrawal to qualify for a grade of W. In any course that the student is failing on the date of withdrawal, the grade assigned will be F. Students who wish to withdraw from all courses during a semester must contact the Office of Student Advocates, at (812) 855-0761,, or at Eigenmann Hall West 229, to complete the withdrawal process.

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