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Extended X Policy

Indiana University Bloomington's Extended X (or EX) grade forgiveness policy allows students to re-take up to three courses and replace the grades for the original attempts with the re-take grades for the purposes of calculating the IU GPA.  Kelley students may utilize the EX policy.  However, the Kelley School does not apply grade forgiveness to the Kelley Program (internal) GPA which is used for scholarships, admission, graduation, and all categories of academic standing for current students.  Instead, both the original grade and the re-take grade are included in the Kelley Program GPA.  When students repeat a course, they do not receive additional credits for it, whether or not it is EXed. 

The EX request must be submitted prior to graduation.  For further information, please see the guidelines outlined in the Office of the Registrar's online bulletin at

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