Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Incomplete Courses

A temporary grade of Incomplete (I) on the transcript indicates that the coursework completed is satisfactory but that the entire course has not been completed. A grade of I may be assigned only if the student is not in attendance during the last 25 percent of an academic term and the instructor has reason to believe that the absence was beyond the student’s control. Otherwise, the instructor shall assign a grade of F.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to specify the work to be done to remove the I grade and the period of time allowed for completion. Upon satisfactory completion of the work within the time allowed, the I will be removed and the earned grade recorded. An incomplete grade will be automatically changed to an F after one calendar year unless the course instructor has submitted a grade or a request for an extension. A student who has received a grade of Incomplete should not register for the course a second time, but should arrange with the instructor to have the I grade changed to a letter grade upon completion of requirements.

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