Admission to Indiana University

Most incoming freshmen admitted to Indiana University first enter the University Division, which provides them with academic advising. Some freshmen may, however, be directly admitted to IU Journalism through the Direct Admit and Journalism Honors programs. All students are expected to meet the admission standards outlined in the freshman application materials. These materials and additional information are available from the Office of Admissions at 300 N. Jordan, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405; by e-mail requests to iuadmit [at] indiana [dot] edu; by phone requests to (812) 855-0661; or on the Office of Admissions Web site.

International students should request the International Application for Admission from the Office of International Admissions at Poplars 221, 400 E. Seventh Street, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, by e-mail requests to newtoiu [at] indiana [dot] edu; by phone requests to (812) 855-9086; or on the Office of International Services Web site.

Admission to IU Journalism

Students who want to major in journalism may declare themselves journalism majors in the University Division during their first year at IU and may take several 100- and 200-level journalism courses. Before seeking admission as a major in IU Journalism, students must complete a minimum of 26 credit hours of undergraduate course work, including the following:

  • one of these three journalism courses with a grade of C or higher:

              J 110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communications
              J 200 Reporting, Writing, and Editing I
              J 210 Visual Communication

  • English composition with a grade of C or higher (or exemption). See Foundations.
  • one mathematical modeling course with a grade of C– or higher.  Recommended: MATH-M 118, V 118 or D 116-D 117. See Foundations.
  • one semester of a foreign language. See World Languages and Cultures.

Students meeting these requirements with a cumulative IU Journalism program grade point average of 2.2 (Extended-X grades will not be used in this calculation; FX will be calculated as F, DX as D, etc.) will be considered for admission to IU Journalism. Each year the program will admit students, based on their grade point average, as the program’s physical space, instructional equipment, and faculty/staff resources permit.

Application Deadlines

IU Journalism will consider applications three times a year: when grades are official at the end of fall semester, spring semester and second summer session. Applications can be found on the Forms page of the IU Journalism Web site.

If transfer course work is to be included for admission purposes, it must be entered on the student’s IU transcript by the application deadline. Transcripts from other colleges and universities should be sent to the Office of Admissions, 300 N. Jordan, Bloomington, IN 47405.

Direct Admission

High school students who apply to IU by Nov. 1, have indicated an interest in journalism on their application to IU and who meet any one of the following criteria will be invited to complete the Selective Scholarship Application.

  • SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1270 or higher.
  • ACT score of 29 or higher.
  • GPA of 3.8/4.0 or above.

A completed Selective Scholarship Application is required to be considered for direct admission to IU Journalism.

Academic Bulletins

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