Ernie Pyle Scholars

Approximately eighteen students from each incoming freshman class will be admitted to an exciting honors program and directly admitted to IU Journalism. The program includes a rich array of small honors classes and fully paid media trips around the country as part of the academic program. Honors students, named the Ernie Pyle Scholars, can also intern in a British media organization and study abroad in London between their sophomore and junior years.

Students with an interest in journalism who submit a Selective Scholarship Application to Indiana University will automatically be considered for this program. A separate application is not required. Students can participate in both the university Hutton Honors College and the Journalism Honors Program.

High school students who apply to IU by November 1, have indicated an interest in journalism on their application to IU and who meet any one of the following criteria will be invited to complete the Selective Scholarship Application. A completed Selective Scholarship Application is required to be considered for the Journalism Honors Program.

  • SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1270 or higher.
  • ACT score of 29 or higher.
  • GPA of 3.8 or above on a 4.0 scale.

Students admitted to the Journalism Honors Program must follow specific degree requirements as well.

Hutton Honors College

IU Journalism encourages superior students to take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered through the Hutton Honors College and is pleased to cooperate with their advisors in helping first-year students plan their individual programs.

Honors Seminars and Special Sections

Each semester the Hutton Honors College sponsors a variety of honors courses for qualified students. In addition to special sections of traditional departmental courses, the Hutton Honors College offers its own innovative seminar experiences. The material covered in these courses is broader in scope or greater in depth than that of a regular course. Many different course topics are offered, and many honors courses may be applied toward the General Education requirements.

Scholarships and Grants

The Hutton Honors College offers a limited number of renewable merit scholarships to incoming freshmen. For more information please visit the Hutton Honors College Web site and select “Merit Scholarships” to read about eligibility requirements.

Any junior or senior with a 3.40 or higher cumulative grade point average (CGPA) or a 3.7 or higher major GPA may apply for Hutton Honors College support. Grants are available for research, honor theses, international experiences, professional experience internships, teaching internships, creative activities, and travel. Most awards are for a maximum of $1,200 during the academic year and $3,000 in the summer. In addition, any undergraduate student going abroad with a 3.40 CGPA or a 3.7 or higher major GPA is eligible to apply for the Edward L. Hutton International Experiences Program Grant for up to $2,500. All awards are competitive. For more information please visit the Hutton Honors College Web site and select “Funding Options.”

Academic Bulletins

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