World Languages

The following courses will apply to the IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground World Languages requirement if taken in Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Spring 2017.

CEUS-T 101 Introductory Finnish I
CEUS-T 102 Introductory Finnish II
CEUS-T 103 Introductory Estonian I
CEUS-T 104 Introductory Estonian II
CEUS-T 111 Introductory Uzbek I
CEUS-T 112 Introductory Uzbek II
CEUS-T 113 Introductory Kazakh I
CEUS-T 114 Introductory Kazakh II
CEUS-T 117 Introductory Turkmen I
CEUS-T 118 Introductory Turkmen II
CEUS-T 131 Introductory Uyghur I
CEUS-T 132 Introductory Uyghur II
CEUS-T 141 Introductory Hungarian I
CEUS-T 142 Introductory Hungarian II
CEUS-T 151 Introductory Persian I
CEUS-T 152 Introductory Persian II
CEUS-T 161 Introductory Mongolian I
CEUS-T 162 Introductory Mongolian II
CEUS-T 171 Introductory Tibetan I
CEUS-T 172 Introductory Tibetan II
CEUS-T 181 Introductory Turkish I
CEUS-T 182 Introductory Turkish II
CEUS-T 183 Introductory Azerbaijani I
CEUS-T 184 Introductory Azerbaijani II
CEUS-T 201 Intermediate Finnish I
CEUS-T 202 Intermediate Finnish II
CEUS-T 203 Intermediate Estonian I
CEUS-T 204 Intermediate Estonian II
CEUS-T 211 Intermediate Uzbek I
CEUS-T 212 Intermediate Uzbek II
CEUS-T 213 Intermediate Kazakh I
CEUS-T 214 Intermediate Kazakh II
CEUS-T 217 Intermediate Turkmen I
CEUS-T 218 Intermediate Turkmen II
CEUS-T 231 Intermediate Uyghur I
CEUS-T 232 Intermediate Uyghur II
CEUS-T 241 Intermediate Hungarian I
CEUS-T 242 Intermediate Hungarian II
CEUS-T 251 Intermediate Persian I
CEUS-T 252 Intermediate Persian II
CEUS-T 261 Intermediate Mongolian I
CEUS-T 262 Intermediate Mongolian II
CEUS-T 271 Intermediate Tibetan I
CEUS-T 272 Intermediate Tibetan II
CEUS-T 281 Intermediate Turkish I
CEUS-T 282 Intermediate Turkish II
CEUS-T 283 Intermediate Azerbaijani I
CEUS-T 284 Intermediate Azerbaijani II
CLAS-G 100 Elementary Greek I
CLAS-G 150 Elementary Greek II
CLAS-G 200 Intermediate Greek
CLAS-G 250 Introduction to Attic Greek Prose and Poetry
CLAS-L 100 Elementary Latin I
CLAS-L 103 Intermediate Latin
CLAS-L 150 Elementary Latin II
CLAS-L 200 Second-Year Latin I
CLAS-L 250 Second-Year Latin II
EALC-C 101 Elementary Chinese I
EALC-C 102 Elementary Chinese II
EALC-C 103 Advanced Elementary Chinese I
EALC-C 104 Advanced Elementary Chinese II
EALC-C 201 Second-Year Chinese I
EALC-C 202 Second-Year Chinese II
EALC-J 101 Elementary Japanese I
EALC-J 102 Elementary Japanese II
EALC-J 201 Second-Year Japanese I
EALC-J 202 Second-Year Japanese II
EALC-K 101 Elementary Korean I
EALC-K 102 Elementary Korean II
EALC-K 201 Second-Year Korean I
EALC-K 202 Second-Year Korean II
EURO-E 100 Beginning Modern Greek I
EURO-E 150 Beginning Modern Greek II
EURO-E 200 Intermediate Modern Greek I
EURO-E 250 Intermediate Modern Greek II: An Introduction to Modern Greek Culture
FRIT-F 100 Elementary French I
FRIT-F 115 Accelerated Elementary French
FRIT-F 150 Elementary French II: Language and Culture
FRIT-F 200 Second-Year French I: Language and Culture
FRIT-F 250 Second-Year French II: Language and Culture
FRIT-F 265 Accelerated Second-Year French
FRIT-M 100 Elementary Italian I
FRIT-M 110 Italian Language through Opera
FRIT-M 115 Accelerated Elementary Italian
FRIT-M 150 Elementary Italian II
FRIT-M 200 Intermediate Italian I
FRIT-M 215 Accelerated Second-Year Italian
FRIT-M 250 Intermediate Italian II
GER-G 100 Beginning German I
GER-G 105 Accelerated First-Year German
GER-G 150 Beginning German II
GER-G 200 Intermediate German I
GER-G 250 Intermediate German II
GER-K 100 Beginning Norwegian I
GER-K 150 Beginning Norwegian II
GER-K 200 Intermediate Norwegian I
GER-K 250 Intermediate Norwegian II
GER-N 100 Intensive Dutch I
GER-N 150 Intensive Dutch II
GER-N 200 Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation I
GER-N 250 Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation II
GER-Y 100 Beginning Yiddish I
GER-Y 150 Beginning Yiddish II
GER-Y 200 Intermediate Yiddish I
GER-Y 250 Intermediate Yiddish II
HISP-P 100 Elementary Portuguese I
HISP-P 135 Intensive Portuguese
HISP-P 150 Elementary Portuguese II
HISP-P 200 Second-Year Portuguese I
HISP-P 250 Second-Year Portuguese II
HISP-S 100 Elementary Spanish I
HISP-S 105 First-Year Spanish
HISP-S 150 Elementary Spanish II
HISP-S 200 Second-Year Spanish I
HISP-S 250 Second-Year Spanish II
INST-H 100 Beginning Hindi I
INST-H 150 Beginning Hindi II
INST-H 200 Second-Year Hindi I
INST-H 250 Second-Year Hindi II
INST-U 100 Beginning Urdu I
INST-U 150 Beginning Urdu II
INST-U 200 Second-Year Urdu I
INST-U 250 Second-Year Urdu II
JSTU-B 100 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I
JSTU-B 150 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II
JSTU-B 200 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
JSTU-B 250 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
JSTU-H 100 Elementary Hebrew I
JSTU-H 150 Elementary Hebrew II
JSTU-H 190 Intensive Elementary Hebrew
JSTU-H 200 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
JSTU-H 250 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
LING-B 101 Elementary Bamana I
LING-B 102 Elementary Bamana II
LING-B 201 Intermediate Bamana I
LING-B 202 Intermediate Bamana II
LING-H 101 Elementary Hausa I
LING-H 102 Elementary Hausa II
LING-H 201 Intermediate Hausa I
LING-H 202 Intermediate Hausa II
LING-K 101 Elementary Akan I
LING-K 102 Elementary Akan II
LING-K 201 Intermediate Akan I
LING-K 202 Intermediate Akan II
LING-S 101 Elementary Swahili I
LING-S 102 Elementary Swahili II
LING-S 201 Intermediate Swahili I
LING-S 202 Intermediate Swahili II
LING-X 101 Elementary Wolof I
LING-X 102 Elementary Wolof II
LING-X 201 Intermediate Wolof I
LING-X 202 Intermediate Wolof II
LING-Y 101 Elementary Yoruba I
LING-Y 102 Elementary Yoruba II
LING-Y 201 Intermediate Yoruba I
LING-Y 202 Intermediate Yoruba II
LING-Z 101 Elementary Zulu I
LING-Z 102 Elementary Zulu II
LING-Z 201 Intermediate Zulu I
LING-Z 202 Intermediate Zulu II
LTAM-C 101 Elementary Haitian Creole I
LTAM-C 102 Elementary Haitian Creole II
LTAM-C 201 Intermediate Haitian Creole I
LTAM-C 202 Intermediate Haitian Creole II
LTAM-M 101 Elementary Maya I
LTAM-M 102 Elementary Maya II
LTAM-M 201 Intermediate Maya I
LTAM-M 202 Intermediate Maya II
LTAM-Q 101 Elementary Quechua I
LTAM-Q 102 Elementary Quechua II
LTAM-Q 201 Intermediate Quechua I
LTAM-Q 202 Intermediate Quechua II
NELC-A 100 Elementary Arabic I
NELC-A 150 Elementary Arabic II
NELC-A 160 First-Year Arabic
NELC-A 200 Intermediate Arabic I
NELC-A 250 Intermediate Arabic II
NELC-E 100 Elementary Hieroglyphic Egyptian I
NELC-E 150 Elementary Hieroglyphic Egyptian II
NELC-E 200 Intermediate Middle Egyptian
NELC-E 250 Late Egyptian: Grammar and Texts
SLAV-C 101 Elementary Czech I
SLAV-C 102 Elementary Czech II
SLAV-C 201 Intermediate Czech I
SLAV-C 202 Intermediate Czech II
SLAV-M 101 Elementary Romanian I
SLAV-M 102 Elementary Romanian II
SLAV-M 111 Summer Intensive Elementary Romanian I
SLAV-M 122 Summer Intensive Elementary Romanian II
SLAV-M 201 Intermediate Romanian I
SLAV-M 202 Intermediate Romanian II
SLAV-N 111 Summer Intensive Elementary Russian I
SLAV-N 112 Summer Intensive Elementary Russian II
SLAV-N 122 Summer Intensive Elementary Russian II
SLAV-N 221 Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian I
SLAV-N 231 Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian I
SLAV-N 232 Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian II
SLAV-N 242 Summer Intensive Intermediate Russian II
SLAV-P 101 Elementary Polish I
SLAV-P 102 Elementary Polish II
SLAV-P 111 Summer Intensive Elementary Polish I
SLAV-P 122 Summer Intensive Elementary Polish II
SLAV-P 201 Intermediate Polish I
SLAV-P 202 Intermediate Polish II
SLAV-R 101 Elementary Russian I
SLAV-R 102 Elementary Russian II
SLAV-R 201 Intermediate Russian I
SLAV-R 202 Intermediate Russian II
SLAV-S 101 Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I
SLAV-S 102 Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II
SLAV-S 111 Summer Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I
SLAV-S 122 Summer Intensive Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II
SLAV-S 201 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I
SLAV-S 202 Intermediate Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian II
SPHS-A 100 American Sign Language I
SPHS-A 150 American Sign Language II
SPHS-A 200 American Sign Language III
SPHS-A 250 American Sign Language IV

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