Social and Historical Studies

The following courses will apply to the IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground Social & Historical Studies requirement if taken in Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Spring 2017.

AAAD-A 154 History of Race in the Americas
AAAD-A 156 Black Liberation Struggles against Jim Crow and Apartheid
AAAD-A 203 Studying Blacks of the New World: African Americans and Africans
in the African Diaspora
AAAD-A 205 Black Electoral Politics
AAAD-A 210 Black Women in the Diaspora
AAAD-A 250 U.S. Contemporary Minorities
AAAD-A 255 The Black Church in America
AAAD-A 264 History of Sports and the African American Experience
AAAD-A 265 Modern Sports and the African American Experience
AAST-A 101 Introduction to Asian American Studies
AFRI-L 231 African Civilization
AFRI-L 232 Contemporary Africa
AMST-A 150 Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies
AMST-A 201 U.S. Movements and Institutions
ANTH-A 122 Interpersonal Communication
ANTH-A 200 Topics in Anthropology of Culture and Society
ANTH-A 221 Anthropology of Food
ANTH-E 101 Sustainability and Society
ANTH-E 105 Culture and Society
ANTH-E 200 Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-E 206 Chanting Down Babylon: Protest and Popular Culture in the
ANTH-E 210 Rethinking Race Globally
ANTH-E 230 American Ethnic Diversity
ANTH-E 260 Culture, Health, and Illness
ANTH-L 200 Language and Culture
ANTH-L 208 Ways of Speaking
ANTH-P 200 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH-P 210 Life in the Stone Age
ANTH-P 215 Sex in the Ancient City: An Archaeology of Sex
ANTH-P 230 Archaeology of the Ancient Maya
ANTH-P 240 Archaeology of the Movies
ANTH-P 250 Introductory World Archeology
ARTH-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
ARTH-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art
ARTH-A 214 Art and Life in Ancient Rome
ARTH-A 233 Renaissance and Baroque Art in Italy 12501700
ARTH-A 290 Architecture for Planet Earth
BUS-F 260 Personal Finance
BUS-L 100 Personal Law
BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business
BUS-X 100 Introduction to Business
CEUS-R 191 Introduction to Central Eurasia
CEUS-R 250 Introduction to the Ancient Near East
CEUS-R 260 The Great Wall of China
CEUS-R 270 The Civilization of Tibet
CEUS-R 290 Introduction to Central Asia, Mongolia, and Tibet
CEUS-R 292 Introduction to Turkic and Iranian Civilization
CJUS-P 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS-P 200 Theories of Crime and Deviance
CLLC-L 120 Politics, Identity, and Resistance
CLLC-L 220 Uses of the Past
COLL-C 104 Critical Approaches to the Social and Historical Studies
COLL-S 104 Freshman Seminar in Social and Historical Studies
EALC-E 120 Japanese Business and Public Policy
EALC-E 180 Cross-Cultural Experiences of War: East Asia and the United States
EALC-E 203 Issues in East Asian Cultural History (topic: Samurai: Culture and Violence
in Premodern Japan)
EALC-E 233 Survey of Korean Civilization
EALC-E 251 Traditional East Asian Civilizations
EALC-E 252 Modern East Asian Civilization
ECON-E 115 Everyday Economics
ECON-E 201 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON-E 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON-S 201 Introduction to Microeconomics: Honors
ECON-S 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics: Honors
EDUC-F 200 Examining Self as a Teacher
EDUC-G 203 Communication in the Classroom
EDUC-G 204 Asian American Mental Health
EDUC-H 205 Introduction to Educational Thought
EDUC-K 205 Introduction to Exceptional Children
EDUC-L 239 Language and Learning
EDUC-P 248 The Elementary School Child: Physical, Emotional, and Social Development
EDUC-P 250 General Educational Psychology
EDUC-U 212 Current Issues in Undergraduate Life (topic: Higher Education and U.S.
Society: Past and Present)
ENG-R 212 Communicating Sustainability
FOLK-F 121 World Arts and Cultures
FOLK-F 210 Myth, Legend, and Popular Science
FOLK-F 215 Health and Morbidity in Traditional Cultures
FOLK-F 230 Music in Social Movements
FOLK-F 253 Folklore and the Social Sciences
FOLK-F 290 Myth, Ritual, Symbol
FRIT-F 226 French Society: Topics
GEOG-G 110 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG-G 120 Regions of the World
GLLC-G 220 Global Village Colloquium
GNDR-G 102 Sexual Politics
GNDR-G 105 Sex, Gender, and the Body
GNDR-G 215 Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
HIST-A 200 Issues in United States History
HIST-A 205 Asian American History
HIST-A 207 Introduction to Native American History
HIST-A 222 Law in America
HIST-A 225 Elvis, Dylan, and Post-War America
HIST-A 230 American Pleasure: Leisure and Enjoyment in Modern US History
HIST-A 235 History of American Empire
HIST-A 240 The History of Birth
HIST-A 245 Indians and American Popular Culture
HIST-A 250 Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern World
HIST-A 261 Modern American Women's History
HIST-A 265 Gender and Sexuality in American History
HIST-B 200 Issues in Western European History
HIST-B 204 Medieval Heroes
HIST-B 208 Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages
HIST-B 226 The Mafia and Other Italian Mysteries
HIST-B 260 Women, Men, and Society in Modern Europe
HIST-B 270 Inside Nazi Germany
HIST-C 200 Issues in Ancient History
HIST-C 205 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
HIST-C 210 The Making of the Modern Middle East
HIST-C 215 Sparta at War
HIST-C 230 Israel: History, Society, Culture
HIST-D 102 Icon and Axe: Russia from Earliest Times to 1861
HIST-D 103 Icon and Axe: Russia from 1861 to Present
HIST-D 200 Issues in Russian/East European History
HIST-D 201 Democratic Revolutions since 1980
HIST-E 200 Issues in African History
HIST-F 200 Issues in Latin American History
HIST-G 101 East Asia in World History
HIST-G 200 Issues in Asian History
HIST-H 101 The World in the Twentieth Century I
HIST-H 102 The World in the Twentieth Century II
HIST-H 103 Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon
HIST-H 104 Europe: Napoleon to the Present
HIST-H 105 American History I
HIST-H 106 American History II
HIST-H 205 Ancient Civilization
HIST-H 206 Medieval Civilization
HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilization
HIST-H 208 American–East Asian Relations
HIST-H 210 Britain's Road to Modernity
HIST-H 211 Latin American Culture and Civilization I
HIST-H 212 Latin American Culture and Civilization II
HIST-H 213 The Black Death
HIST-H 220 American Military History
HIST-H 227 African Civilizations
HIST-H 231 The Family in History
HIST-H 237 Traditional East Asian Civilization
HIST-H 238 Introduction to South Asian History and Civilization
HIST-H 239 Blood and Guts! Introduction to the History of Western Medicine
HIST-H 251 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Expulsion
HIST-H 252 Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to
the Present
HIST-H 259 American Jewish History
HIST-H 270 What Is History?
HIST-W 100 Issues in World History
HIST-W 125 Cities and History
HIST-W 200 Issues in World History
HIST-W 201 Slavery and Unfreedom in World History
HIST-W 203 World War I: Global War
HON-H 212 Ideas and Experience II
HON-H 236 Use of Force
HON-H 237 Law and Society
HON-H 238 Politics and Communication
HON-H 240 Science and Society
HPSC-X 102 Revolutions in Science: Plato to NATO
HPSC-X 110 Scientists at Work: from Frankenstein to Einstein
HPSC-X 123 Perspectives on Science: Social and Historical
HPSC-X 205 Introduction to Medical History
HPSC-X 210 Technology and Culture
HPSC-X 222 Big Science in the Twentieth Century
INFO-I 222 The Information Society
INST-I 211 Introduction to South Asian History
INST-I 212 The Civilization of Tibet
INTL-I 100 Introduction to International Studies
INTL-I 202 Global Health and Environment
INTL-I 203 Global Development
INTL-I 204 Human Rights and International Law
INTL-I 205 International Communication and the Arts
INTL-I 206 Identity and Conflict
INTL-I 210 Diplomacy, Security, Governance
INTL-I 222 Global Health Connections
JSTU-J 204 Social and Historical Topics in Jewish Studies
JSTU-J 251 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Expulsion
JSTU-J 252 Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the Present
JSTU-J 254 Israel: History, Society, Culture
JSTU-J 259 American Jewish History
LATS-L 101 Introduction to Latino Studies
LATS-L 102 Introduction to Latino History
LATS-L 103 Introduction to Latino Cultures
LATS-L 104 Latinas in the United States
LATS-L 111 Latino Film: An Introduction and Overview
LING-L 103 Introduction to the Study of Language
LING-L 112 Language and Politics
LSTU-L 101 American Labor History
LSTU-L 110 Introduction to Labor Studies: Labor and Society
LSTU-L 230 Labor and the Economy
LTAM-L 200 Topics in Latin American Studies (topic: Healing, Spiritualism
and the Body)
LTAM-L 200 Topics in Latin American Studies (topic: The End of the World, Maya,
and the New Age)
LTAM-L 210 The Latin American Experience
LTAM-L 211 Contemporary Problems in Latin America
LTAM-L 275 Altered States: Spirituality, Power, Healing
MSCH-C 101 Media
MSCH-C 211 Screening Gender and Sexuality
MSCH-C 212 Screening Race and Ethnicity
MSCH-C 213 Introduction to Media and Society
MSCH-C 214 Race, Prejudice, and Media
MSCH-C 216 Social Scientific Perspectives of Gender and Media
MSCH-C 219 Media in the Global Context
MSCH-F 204 Topics in Media, Culture, and Society
MSCH-F 290 Hollywood I
MSCH-F 292 Hollywood II
MUS-Z 204 Women Musicians
NELC-E 201 History and Civilization of Ancient Egypt
NELC-N 122 U.S. Foreign Policy and the Muslim World
NELC-N 204 Topics in Middle Eastern Culture and Society
NELC-N 208 Muslim Communities in Europe and the U.S.: Transnational Islam
NELC-N 220 Muhammad: Life of the Prophet
NELC-N 222 The Contemporary Middle East in World Politics
NELC-N 265 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
NELC-N 268 Military History of the Middle East
PACE-C 210 Public Leadership
PACE-C 250 Leadership and Public Policy
POLS-Y 100 American Political Controversies
POLS-Y 102 International Political Controversies
POLS-Y 103 Introduction to American Politics
POLS-Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS-Y 109 Introduction to International Relations
POLS-Y 200 Contemporary Political Topics
POLS-Y 202 Politics and Citizenship in the Information Age
POLS-Y 204 Institutional Analysis and Governance
POLS-Y 211 Introduction to Law
POLS-Y 249 Religion, Politics, and Public Policy
PSY-P 102 Introductory Psychology II
REL-A 201 Introduction to African Religions
REL-C 230 American Jewish History
SOC-S 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-S 101 Social Problems and Policies
SOC-S 105 Community Problems and Outreach
SOC-S 210 The Economy, Organizations, and Work
SOC-S 215 Social Change
SOC-S 217 Social Inequality
SOC-S 230 Society and the Individual
SPEA-A 163 Arts Worlds: Management, Markets, and Policy
SPEA-E 162 Environment and People
SPEA-H 124 Healthcare Management and Policy
SPEA-S 160 Honors—National and International Policy
SPEA-S 161 Honors—Urban Problems and Solutions
SPEA-S 162 Honors—Environment and People
SPEA-S 163 Honors—Art Worlds: Management, Markets, and Policy
SPEA-S 220 Honors—Law and Public Affairs
SPEA-V 160 National and International Policy
SPEA-V 161 Urban Problems and Solutions
SPEA-V 220 Law and Public Policy
SPH-B 150 Introduction to Public Health
SPH-F 150 Introduction to Life Span Human Development
SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality
SPH-F 258 Marriage and Family Interaction
SPH-H 172 International Health and Social Issues
SPH-H 174 Prevention of Violence in American Society
SPH-H 220 Death and Dying
SPH-H 235 Obesity and Health
SPH-H 263 Personal Health
SPH-K 150 Introduction to Kinesiology and Public Health
SPH-R 142 Living Well
SPH-R 200 Foundations of Leisure and Public Health
SWK-S 102 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
SWK-S 221 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SWK-S 251 History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy

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