World Cultures

The following courses will apply to the IU Bloomington GenEd Common Ground World Cultures requirement if taken in Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Spring 2017.

AAAD-A 112 Black Music of Two Worlds
AAAD-A 154 History of Race in the Americas
AAAD-A 156 Black Liberation Struggles against Jim Crow and Apartheid
AAAD-A 221 Dance in the African Diaspora
AAST-A 201 Asian Diaspora Experience
AFRI-L 231 African Civilization
AFRI-L 232 Contemporary Africa
AMST-A 100 What is America?
ANTH-E 206 Chanting Down Babylon: Protest and Popular Culture in the Afro-Caribbean
ANTH-P 230 Archaeology of the Ancient Maya
ANTH-P 250 Introductory World Archeology
ARTH-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
ARTH-A 102 Renaissance through Modern Art
ARTH-A 155 Introduction to African Art
ARTH-A 160 Introduction to East Asian Art
ARTH-A 206 Classical Art and Archaeology
ARTH-A 226 Survey of Medieval Art
ARTH-A 234 Renaissance Florence
ARTH-A 262 Introduction to Japanese Art and Culture
CEUS-R 250 Introduction to the Ancient Near East
CEUS-R 270 The Civilization of Tibet
CEUS-R 290 Introduction to Central Asia, Mongolia, and Tibet
CEUS-R 292 Introduction to Turkic and Iranian Civilization
CLAS-C 101 Ancient Greek Culture
CLAS-C 102 Roman Culture
CLAS-C 205 Classical Mythology
CLAS-C 206 Classical Art and Archaeology
CMLT-C 147 Images of the Self: East and West
CMLT-C 257 Asian Literature and Other Arts
CMLT-C 261 Introduction to African Literature
CMLT-C 262 Cross-Cultural Encounters
CMLT-C 265 Introduction to East Asian Poetry
CMLT-C 266 Introduction to East Asian Fiction
CMLT-C 291 Studies in Non-Western Film
EALC-E 100 East Asia: An Introduction
EALC-E 110 Popular Culture in East Asia
EALC-E 160 The Daoist Body
EALC-E 180 Cross-Cultural Experiences of War: East Asia and the United States
EALC-E 201 Issues in East Asian Literature (topic: Lords, Ladies, and Hermits in Early
Japanese Literature)
EALC-E 203 Issues in East Asian Cultural History(topic: Samurai: Culture and Violence
in Premodern Japan)
EALC-E 231 Japan: The Living Tradition
EALC-E 232 China Past and Present: Culture in Continuing Evolution
EALC-E 233 Survey of Korean Civilization
EALC-E 251 Traditional East Asian Civilizations
EALC-E 252 Modern East Asian Civilization
EALC-E 270 Japanese Language and Society
EALC-E 271 Modern and Contemporary Japanese Culture
ENG-G 208 World Englishes
ENG-L 224 Introduction to World Literatures in English
FOLK-E 112 Black Music of Two Worlds
FOLK-E 151 Global Pop Music
FOLK-F 111 World Music and Culture
FOLK-F 121 World Arts and Cultures
FRIT-F 222 Media Studies in the Francophone World
FRIT-F 225 French Culture: Topics
FRIT-F 226 French Society: Topics
FRIT-M 222 Topics in Italian Culture
FRIT-M 234 Florence in Florence
FRIT-M 235 Rome, the City and the Myth
FRIT-M 236 Dante's Divine Comedy
FRIT-M 237 Boccaccio's Social Decameron
FRIT-M 238 Visual, Musical, and Literary Culture in Italy
GER-E 121 An Introduction to German Culture
GER-E 122 Fairy Tales from the Grimm Brothers to Today
HISP-P 290 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture
HISP-S 260 Trends in Hispanic Cinema
HISP-S 284 Women in Hispanic Culture
HISP-S 290 Topics in Hispanic Culture
HIST-A 235 History of American Empire
HIST-A 250 Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern World
HIST-B 200 Issues in Western European History
HIST-B 204 Medieval Heroes
HIST-B 208 Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages
HIST-B 226 The Mafia and Other Italian Mysteries
HIST-B 260 Women, Men, and Society in Modern Europe
HIST-B 270 Inside Nazi Germany
HIST-C 200 Issues in Ancient History
HIST-C 205 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
HIST-C 210 The Making of the Modern Middle East
HIST-C 215 Sparta at War
HIST-C 230 Israel: History, Society, Culture
HIST-D 102 Icon and Axe: Russia from Earliest Times to 1861
HIST-D 103 Icon and Axe: Russia from 1861 to Present
HIST-D 200 Issues in Russian/East European History
HIST-D 201 Democratic Revolutions since 1980
HIST-E 200 Issues in African History
HIST-F 200 Issues in Latin American History
HIST-G 101 East Asia in World History
HIST-G 200 Issues in Asian History
HIST-H 101 The World in the Twentieth Century I
HIST-H 102 The World in the Twentieth Century II
HIST-H 103 Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon
HIST-H 104 Europe: Napoleon to the Present
HIST-H 205 Ancient Civilization
HIST-H 206 Medieval Civilization
HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilization
HIST-H 208 American–East Asian Relations
HIST-H 210 Britain's Road to Modernity
HIST-H 211 Latin American Culture and Civilization I
HIST-H 212 Latin American Culture and Civilization II
HIST-H 213 The Black Death
HIST-H 227 African Civilizations
HIST-H 231 The Family in History
HIST-H 237 Traditional East Asian Civilization
HIST-H 238 Introduction to South Asian History and Civilization
HIST-H 239 Blood and Guts! Introduction to the History of Western Medicine
HIST-H 251 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Expulsion
HIST-H 252 Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the Present
HIST-W 100 Issues in World History
HIST-W 125 Cities and History
HIST-W 200 Issues in World History
HIST-W 201 Slavery and Unfreedom in World History
HIST-W 203 World War I: Global War
HON-H 233 Great Authors, Composers, and Artists (topic: German and Austrian Music
and Culture)
HON-H 234 Literature of Time and Place (topic: Brazil Imagined)
HON-H 234 Literature of Time and Place (topic: Germany's "Others": Nation and
HON-H 234 Literature of Time and Place (topic: Journeys and Migrations: From Italy
to the Rest of the World)
HON-H 234 Literature of Time and Place (topic: The Vampire in European and
American Culture)
HON-H 236 Use of Force (topic: Enemies and Allies—Japan and America, 18502000)
HPSC-X 102 Revolutions in Science: Plato to NATO
HPSC-X 207 The Occult in Western Civilization
INST-I 100 Introduction to India
INTL-I 100 Introduction to International Studies
INTL-I 201 Culture and the Arts: International Perspectives
INTL-I 202 Global Health and Environment
INTL-I 203 Global Development
INTL-I 204 Human Rights and International Law
INTL-I 205 International Communication and the Arts
INTL-I 206 Identity and Conflict
INTL-I 220 Global Connections
INTL-I 222 Global Health Connections
JSTU-C 216 Israeli Inequality in Context
JSTU-C 240 Contemporary Israeli Culture
JSTU-J 220 Sacred Books of the Jews
JSTU-J 251 Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Expulsion
JSTU-J 252 Introduction to Jewish History: From Spanish Expulsion to the Present
JSTU-J 254 Israel: History, Society, Culture
JSTU-J 260 Literary Masterpieces of Muslim Spain
LTAM-L 210 The Latin American Experience
LTAM-L 211 Contemporary Problems in Latin America
LTAM-L 275 Altered States: Spirituality, Power, Healing
MEST-M 200 Medieval Cultures
MUS-Z 270 Music of War and Peace
MUS-Z 280 Music of the Silk Road
MUS-Z 281 East-West Encounters in Music
MUS-Z 282 Music of Russia
MUS-Z 284 Music in Global Cinema
NELC-N 204 Topics in Middle Eastern Culture and Society
NELC-N 212 Contemporary Literatures of the Middle East (in English Translation)
NELC-N 216 Israeli Inequality in Context
NELC-N 220 Muhammad: Life of the Prophet
NELC-N 233 The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
NELC-N 260 Literary Masterpieces of Muslim Spain
NELC-N 265 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
PHIL-P 201 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL-P 205 Modern Jewish Philosophy
REL-A 201 Introduction to African Religions
REL-A 210 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL-A 220 Introduction to the New Testament
REL-A 230 Introduction to Judaism
REL-A 235 Sacred Books of the Jews
REL-A 250 Introduction to Christianity
REL-A 270 Introduction to Islam
REL-B 210 Introduction to Buddhism
REL-B 215 Zen Buddhism
REL-B 220 Introduction to Hinduism
REL-B 230 Introduction to Chinese Religion
REL-B 240 Introduction to Daoism
REL-R 152 Jews, Christians, Muslims
REL-R 153 Religions of Asia
SLAV-C 223 Introduction to Czech Culture
SLAV-P 223 Introduction to Polish Culture
SLAV-R 123 Masterworks of Russian Short Fiction
SLAV-R 223 Introduction to Russian Culture
SLAV-R 263 Pushkin to Dostoevsky
SLAV-R 264 Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn
SLAV-S 223 Introduction to Balkan and South Slavic Cultures
SLAV-U 223 Introduction to Ukrainian Culture

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