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Licensing Procedures

State Teacher Licensing Procedures
Application for Licensure

Upon completion of a teacher education program, completing the Adult/Child CPR certification, and completion of the appropriate tests for content, a student can file for an initial teaching license from the Indiana Office of Educator Licensing and Development, through the Office of Teacher Education, Suite 1000 of the School of Education or on line at .

Initial License in Early Childhood Education: Early Childhood Education (Pre-K) and Elementary Primary.

Initial License in Elementary Education: Elementary Primary Generalists (K-3) and Elementary Intermediate, Generalists (K-6).

Initial License in Secondary Education: Content Field Specialist, Middle School/Junior High and High School (6-12).

Initial License in K-12 Education: This license includes five school settings: Early Childhood (Pre-K), Elementary Primary Elementary, Intermediate, Middle School/Junior High and High School (Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, or World Languages).

Transferability of Teacher Licenses
Each state operates its own licensing structure for teachers. To transfer an Indiana teacher’s license to another state, contact the state you are interested in moving to and they will tell you if any additional course work or testing is necessary. The Office of Teacher Education maintains a list of all state web sites and contact numbers for your convenience.

Information about the Indiana licensing framework and standards for educational professionals can be found on the Web site of the Indiana Professional Standards Board:

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