Degree Requirements

B.A. CASE Requirements and Credit Hour Chart

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for a major, students pursuing a B.A. must also complete CASE Foundations, CASE Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, Breadth of Inquiry, Culture Studies, Public Oral Communication, and Critical Approaches requirements. (The Foundations requirement encompasses English Composition and Mathematical Modeling.) Requirements completed in one area may, under certain conditions, also fulfill requirements in other areas. Finally, students may test out of the Foreign Language requirement by virtue of appropriate performance on certain types of exams, such as Advanced Placement (AP), SAT II, and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. The requirement for the major ranges from 30–42 credit hours, depending on the major.

The following chart depicts the requirements for a B.A. degree from the College. Students pursuing a B.A. should also see "Major Requirements—B.A" and "CASE Credit Hour and Residency Requirements."

Requirement Credit Hours
CASE Foundations
  • English Composition (one course)
  • Mathematical Modeling (one or two courses)
CASE Public Oral Communication (one course)
CASE Intensive Writing (one course)
CASE Critical Approaches (one course)
CASE Foreign Language (four-semester sequence) 10–20
CASE Breadth of Inquiry
  • Arts and Humanities (four courses)
  • Social and Historical Studies (four courses)
  • Natural and Mathematical Sciences (three or four courses, depending on the courses selected)
CASE Culture Studies
  • Diversity in the U.S. (one course)
  • Global Civilizations and Cultures (one course)
Major Concentration (including at least 18 credit hours at the 300–400 level)
Electives 7–34
Total Credit Hours (including a minimum of 100 credit hours inside the College) 120