Degree Requirements

CASE Intensive Writing

The CASE Intensive Writing (IW) requirement may be fulfilled by completing one Intensive Writing course in the College at or above the 200 level after completing the English Composition requirement. Normally, CASE Intensive Writing sections are taught by College faculty in small sections and include written assignments in which students are asked to make, illustrate, and develop arguments. Graded revision of assignments is a requirement of all CASE Intensive Writing courses. Students must check the listings for courses in the online Schedule of Classes each semester to make certain that the course section they have chosen fulfills the requirement.

CASE Intensive Writing credit will not be awarded for written work in courses that are not listed as CASE Intensive Writing unless special arrangements have been completed and approved prior to the relevant deadline. All special arrangements are subject to the approval of the College. Students who wish to arrange an individual Intensive Writing component for a College course or section that is not listed as CASE Intensive Writing must obtain the approval of the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs of the College of Arts and Sciences, Owen Hall.

Please see the form titled "Proposal to Satisfy Intensive Writing by Special Arrangement" for information on deadlines for submitting proposals.