The Curriculum

The current degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences are more than the sum of their parts. They incorporate the 11 principles of Liberal Learning at Indiana University into a coherent and complementary curriculum that helps students to develop to their full potential as ethical and thoughtful individuals and citizens. Coursework in English Composition, Mathematical Modeling, Public Oral Communication, Intensive Writing and Foreign Language provides opportunities for students to develop communication skills for understanding other communities and the computational skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly data-driven society. Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences  and Breadth of Inquiry courses help students to acquire broad familiarity with the general areas of human knowledge in the arts and humanities, social and historical studies, and natural and mathematical sciences. Culture Studies classes enable students to enrich their understanding of their neighbors at home and internationally. These courses serve as the foundation upon which students can develop a major program of study. The requirements for the B.A. Major and the degree structures of specialized B.F.A., B.S., B.L.S., and B.A.J. programs provide the in-depth expertise that prepare students for further study or entry in the professions and other careers that value critical thinking and deep analysis.