College of Arts and Sciences

  • LARRY D. SINGELL, Ph.D., Executive Dean
  • LISA PRATT, Ph.D., Associate Executive Dean
  • JOHN LUCAITES, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities and Undergraduate Education
  • MICHAEL MCGINNIS, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Social and Historical Sciences and Graduate Education
  • JAMES MUSSER, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Research
  • RUSSELL VALENTINO, Ph.D., Associate Dean for International Affairs
  • TERRI A. GREENSLADE, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Retention and Achievement
  • JUSTIN GROSSMAN, D.M., Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Curriculum and Policy
  • KELLY M. COMPTON, B.A., Director of Academic Programs Administration and Scholarships
  • LINDA HADLEY, M.A., Director of Student Services
  • SCOTT FEICKERT, M.A., Executive Director of the Office of Student and Career Success
  • MARK HURLEY, M.A., Director of Advising

The Media School

  • JAMES SHANAHAN, Ph.D., Founding Dean
  • M. ELIZABETH GRABE, Ph.D., Associate Dean

School of Global and International Studies

  • LEE A. FEINSTEIN, J.D., Founding Dean
  • NICK CULLATHER, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean
  • HILARY KAHN, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Strategic Collaborations

School of Art and Design

  • PEG FAIMON, M.F.A., Founding Dean